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Welcome to Astronomers

Welcome. Astronomers is a cult designed to bring those who have a passion for science, astronomy and the universe together.

We have a range of discussions going on as well as regular contests and a points system.

Please make sure to introduce yourself and read the rules before posting. We hope you enjoy your stay at Astronomers.


Cult Rules

001. Must be 16+ years to join.
002. Respect each other.
003. No Spam/Trolling/Drama.
004. Please credit all articles/documents/theories.
005. To participate in contests, please introduce yourself.
006. No blocking Astronomers Staff.
007. No cheating the Points System.

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Kelsey (QueenHorror) has been nominated for Featured Atom in August!

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Jupiter: 12 recently discovered moons has been voted for Featured Article in August!

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