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Community Message (22/12/09): I'm not going to be updating this cult anymore, however I put forward that any member (regardless of how long they have been a member for) CAN take up a position of power by starting their own threads or by starting contests. Winning artworks can be posted in the cult gallery by any member.

It was fun while it lasted,
Ninykinin, founder.

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Art is more than pretty pictures on a canvas, art is a way of life.

We're the art-school geeks with a camera.
We are the controversial versions of Leonardo Divinci.
We're an army of imaginative artists wanting to show the world who we are and express exactly what we think.

We express ourselves in images, objects and words, we are the publishers of new worlds new styles and new stories.
We are the Art fucked;; the girls and boys who have the potential to be something, to be remembered and to show everyone who we are and what we can do. Showing off photos, drawings, modeling, sculptors, photo-manipulations, literature craft and animation in new styles and in crazy ways.

Create a masterpiece;; Become Art Fucked.


(the thing you fill out when you click 'join')

Post three of your photographs, name the camera you use and post a link to your (non-vf) gallery.

.Visual Artists.
3 completed drawings and provide a brief statement of methods used in each drawing (media, references, brushes ect..)

Post three of your manipulations, you must show links to all stock you used for at least one of them and briefly state the methods you used to achieve your final result

Post a salute (you holding a sign saying 'your username @ vf'), one full body photo and one portrait


Do not post pictures by other people!.

  • You will not be accepted unless you fill one out.
  • The application is different for each form of art.
  • If more than one form applies too your style, fill out which ever one you of most of.
  • If you don't have any works available to show post "I has a cheese burger" and the owner will get back to you.
  • Rules & Banners
    Do not steal art! We like to keep all artworks safe from being used without permission, so any possible art-thief's will be reported to admin
    Nudity is fine by me. Just keep in mind VF's rules. It might be a good idea to post a link to the picture. :(
    Drama is fun sometimes, but lets try not to be complete assholes.
    When giving constructive criticism. This means nothing too vague. Make sure they know what needs fixing, be specific and make sure you mention what is good about it first. ;)
    Only critique when someone specifically asks for help.

    Regular posting is a requirement. People who post less than 3 times in the month will be deleted unless they give a feasible reason for their disappearance. This is a measure to prevent art thief's from joining and watching in silence.

    Advertising is not a requirement, but it is appreciated. Banners are pictured below. If you would like to make us a banner, send it to Niny's inbox.

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    Revolution Theme

    Modeling Contest V2

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    Best Portrait (Tied)
    Niny and Alyssa

    Most improved

    Eye theme

    City Theme


    Photography Contest

    Modeling Contest

    Music Themed

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    by bleeding_sdrawkcab

    Tools: colored pencils

    "This took me like a day it was from years ago and was the first time I ever considered using color pencil as an art medium.Around that time I had this picture in mind I wasnt too sure if it would look right if I choose to do it in pencil which would of made it look black and white.The one thing that sucks about using colored pencils is you cant erase so I was scared to use them for the first time, but I'm really happy how it turned out."