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Welcome To Animu!

Dedicated to the wonderful world of anime!

At Animu you can be as much of an otaku as you like. We have a lot to offer compared to most anime clubs. Animu offers its members a great chance to get free merchandise. This has ranged from Attack on Titan to Noragami to Sailor Moon.. Our cult holds a lot of discussion threads; talk about you favorite anime's, discuss you favorite waifu's and husbando's, whats up and coming to the anime world, you can rate animes, we have weeklies, contests and sugoi recommendations. Don't be afraid if you are just starting out as well! Everyone here is passionate for anime and will be more then willing to tell you what anime's are a must and those that are a mustn't. Don't be scared to join if you're just starting to watch anime and get into, we are all the same and will welcome anyone with open arms! What are you waiting for come and engross yourself in this magical world!


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