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Open to all the freaks and geeks

This is a cult for, as it says, Anime Freaks. Anyone who likes anime, manga, or Japanese culture. You just have to love it. The community of this cult is very nurturing, it's almost guaranteed that most of us will have similar tastes. Post a topic - make sure it's not already made, and just wait for some replies! Everyone in this cult is very nice and encouraging, and we look forward to talking about anime with you. Looking to talk about something else? Go to the designated Off-Topic subforum or random subforum. That's what it is there for!
The cult was created back in 2004 and it is back under new ownership and soon to be active!


»» Post in the introduction first
»» Don't advertise for other cults.
»» Don't make topics only expecting positive remarks.
»» What staff say goes.
»» No spamming of any kind.
»» No pointless posts.
»» Respect all members!
»» No double posting unless a thread allows it.
»» Speak the English language.

Have fun and help keep this cult amazing!
Anyone who starts trouble/excessively flames users will be warned.
Excessive flaming will result in a banning.

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