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This is a cult for, as it says, Anime Freaks. Anyone who likes anime, manga, or Japanese culture. You just have to love it.
The community of this cult is very nurturing, it's almost guaranteed that most of us will have similar tastes. Post a topic - make sure it's not already made, and just wait for some replies! Everyone in this cult is very nice and encouraging, and we look forward to talking about anime with you.
Looking to talk about something else? Go to the designated Off-Topic thread. That's what it is there is for!
Anyone can join this cult - we encourage it. This cult is the 20th largest cult on all of Vampire Freaks.com. It has sparked some interest, and is almost always active. Help keep it that way.


Don't advertise for other cults.
This cult isn't here to advertise whatever cult you might have started.

Don't make topics only expecting positive remarks.
This has come up a lot. If you make a topic on an anime, don't post it expecting all positive remarks. In a discussion, there's always a devil's advocate. People have opinions that differ from yours, we don't all have the same tastes.

No Reposting Topics.
If you see a topic already made with a similar or same topic - don't make a new one. Use the one that was already made. Go to "View All Cult Posts" to search for a similar. Again, if there is no previous made topic or the old one is dead, feel free to make a new one. Any duplicates found will be deleted. (This includes the "New Members say hello" thread, and any other stickied threads at the top). When a thread has reached the last few pages it can be considered dead and a new thread may be posted.

No "Sephiroth Vs. Sesshoumaru" or "ANYONE vs. ANYONE" threads
It's just silly. Also, see the rule below.

No pointless posts.
Unless what you're posting is an opinion/answer to a thread question/relevant to the topic, please do not post it. It will be deleted.

Respect all members!
They may not have your opinion, but you can still convey yours without insulting them.

Don't get off topic
Unless in one of the designated threads made by the cult staff,try to stay on-topic.

Speak the English language.
We can understand a few typos, even a few abbreviations, but excessive net-speak can and will be made fun of.

Anyone who starts trouble/excessively flames users will be warned. Excessive flaming will result in a banning.

Have fun!






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