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The Council

A Safe Haven for All

Welcome to Paradise

The lands of Amaranthine are promised lands. Word has traveled far and wide, that in a time of crisis, war, famine, and devastation, it is a safe haven - a place protected that promises eternal life to those that wander past the protective mists surrounding it, offering a bounty of resources. The waters preserve life, the forests are lush and thick, and the various settings they have created are surreal and hold an untamed beauty. The city within is lively and booming with life. Everything in Amaranthine seems perfect, except for the fact that beyond a handful, the majority are slaves to the system. The system feeds off of them, its power and reach growing with every citizen that registers to it.

Though there is truth behind it, Amaranthine is an unforgiving place. As beautiful and pristine as it is, citizenship comes at the price of slavery. When the founders created the barrier and reworked the lands, they decided that democracy was no longer an option. They did not want to jeopardize their world, and found control much more appropriate. They appeal to those who come searching with safety, immortality, nature, and a place untouched by the ravages the world, sustained at the hands of man and preternatural creatures alike. Their slaves come willingly, though they do not know what hides on the other side of the registration walls, the price which comes for the title of citizen - the auction house. Their contract is iron clad, unbreakable, and few ever read the fine print stating that only repayment of the debt can cease servitude, should the council agree.

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