Sin is Paradise

Paradise is Sin

The year is 2060. The Earth’s resources have grown thin and contaminated from the apocalypse of 2026. Natural disasters and wars ravaged the lands resulting in casualties of both humans and preternatural creatures. Those who remain are either subjected to the struggles of the Badlands or migrate to the sanctuary known as Amaranthine.

Amaranthine emerged out of the chaos of the apocalypse as a safe haven. The realm is protected by a magical barrier where within time stands still and life flourishes. It is a true paradise for all those who seek refuge; however, that safety and pleasure comes at a price. In order to gain entry to Amaranthine you must pay a blood toll that will leave you wrought with guilt and horrific memories for the rest of your life. Only 9% of the sanctuary seekers that partake in this are granted passage to paradise; the rest die. Amaranthine also demands that all those within it have their soul bound to it in order to provide a power source that keeps the realm everlasting.

Despite the promises of Amaranthine, many since the beginning of the apocalypse have been suspicious of the mysterious paradise. In light of this, many remain in the Badlands attempting to survive off of what is left of the Earth. Not all is desolate and dismay as four major nations exist in the Badlands, claiming any nomad they find to enlist in their ranks and pursue their survival. The underground party city of Vampire Kingdom, the technologically inclined criminals of Dalitica, the pirates of Thalassa, and the attempt at a sanctuary that is Sanctivus. They all have their strengths, and weaknesses, but all share a common principle. Freedom over the steep cost of paradise.

Will you give up your soul and sanity for the sanctuary within Amaranthine? Or will you resist the pull of the gilded cage to weather the storms of the Badlands? Either way, only the strong survive survive in this new world.

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The Badlands


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