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Welcome to Paradise

The year is 2060. Earth’s resources have grown thin, if not contaminated from what can only be called as the apocalypse of 2026; resulting in casualties of both humans and preternatural creatures, spreading despair more quickly than any plague. Some called it Ragnarok, others a second reckoning, and life seemed doomed for extinction. Demons and Angels alike spoke of doom, some daring to push for the silver lining of a new beginning, but dissent was all that was known, Good or Evil. None seemed capable of alleviating the conditions of life as it had come to be.

Through the Chaos emerged a new realm, when Seraphina Morningstar realized she had the solution to the prophecy of the apocalypse all along. Her father, Lucifer, had begun creating his own Paradise on Earth eons prior, but his project had been nothing more than a self-gratifying storage unit for possessions he had collected over the years. It was a place that was, yet wasn't, standing separate from time, space, heaven and hell, and yet as tangible as the next realm. With the help of a few, she was able to reinvent the location, to increase it’s security and generate an economy that worked for all who wished to join. By 2026, just as life had become immeasurably hard and the dead grew to outnumber the living, she opened Amaranthine's gates to welcome all those that wished to escape the end of the world. She forged her own powerhouse through an economy of souls, not unlike the feuds that had fueled Good and Evil for so long. However, in 2057 there was a rebellion which cost the loss of many souls to the Amaranthine Vaults. Three years later, the system has reemerged - stronger, yet simpler. With the desire for freedom recognized, a new source of entertainment has been born, where those no longer desiring to living within the mists can fight to the death for their freedom into the Badlands. Although a meritocracy, it seems some souls rather wilt than rise to power.

Despite the promises of Amaranthine, some still choose to live in the Badlands. Four major powers remain, claiming any nomad they find to enlist in their ranks and pursue their survival. The matriarchal witches of Hireath, the technologically inclined criminals of Dalitica, the pirates of Thalassa, and the attempt at a sanctuary that is Sanctivus. They all have their strengths, and weaknesses, but all share a common principle. Freedom over the slavery of a gilded cage.

We are an 18+ Role-Play cult.