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The Townsfolk

The History

The sound wind makes through the pines, what we fear in the dark and what lies beyond the darkness... these are things we cannot control.

Aldarench is a secluded, modern-day town hidden in the forested Bitterroot Mountains directly on the border of Idaho and Montana. It was founded over a century ago when silver miners settled upon the rich landscape, digging deeper and deeper into the veins of the mountains until they stumbled upon a vast cavern filled with strange and unexplained wonders. For many years, it remained nothing but folklore - a curiosity of the natural world, despite the unusual people who arrived on its soil and the even more unusual events which thereafter occurred.

Eventually, the silver ran dry and the town dwindled until it was little more than a ghost. The families who remained traded their picks for axes, giving up on silver and turning instead to the plentiful timber that still surrounded them. Aldarench began to grow once more... and so too did the bizarre happenings. Wanderers from all over the world made their way to the hidden town, adding surprising diversity in numerous ways. Witchcraft became a common element, well known but unspoken of, soon to be followed by many other supernatural invaders.

Silver struck again in the mid-twentieth century, giving a large economical boost to the already steady lumber industry. Not long after, Aldarench was missed in a census due to reasons unknown (sometimes thought to be because of its location on the border, and sometimes thought to be because of an ancient curse). The town slowly became its own territory, and more importantly, a law unto itself.

As it always goes with such lost places, rotten seeds grew, spreading the darkness of their shadows into the light.

Aldarench is an 18+ roleplay cult revolving around gritty realism with a supernatural edge. It is also a sister-city to LANDOW, and the two are connected by an unknown ley-line.

The Aldarench Hummingbird

Monday December 25th, 2017

Aldarench is closed.