Who Can Join: By Approval
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Members with 50+ posts can now apply for Moderator Status within the cult HERE. This is not an official staff position. It is simply a perk of the cult that allows members to delete their own threads and posts without asking staff to do it.


Thank you to Master_White_Wolf for creating this awesome new layout for Advanced-RP!

About Us

Hello and welcome to Advanced RP! This is a cult for those who are passionate about roleplaying and who want to find others who share the same level of enthusiasm for this creative art form. This is a cult that is membership-by-approval so that the staff can ensure that each and every member is capable of writing the quality posts that their partners deserve. We all work hard on creating great plots and characters and that hard work should be rewarded with a great roleplaying experience that can only come from people who are experienced and passionate about writing.

Being that this is an "advanced" roleplaying cult, we expect all our members to possess enough experience to know all the common courtesies and rules of roleplaying. The staff is not here to police your RPs and tell you they are not long enough, nor will they tell you how active you should be either. Such details are for you and your partners to agree upon. That being said, in order to maintain a good quality standard in this cult, it is important that all members are able to construct sentences that read clearly and are, for the most part, mechanically sound. If you find yourself in a roleplay with someone whom you do not feel meets these standards, please bring your concerns to the attention of staff so that the issue can be resolved in drama-free manner.

While it is the goal of the staff to not let this cult get bogged down by so many rules, there are a few that we must insist all members abide by:

  • Respect Your Fellow Members:
    If you do not like a certain type of RP someone else is doing, you do not have to claim it. Everyone has the right to express themselves without being made to feel like crap for it.
  • Do Not Post Unlawful Content:
    While we try to keep an open mind in this cult and let people play out their fantasies in a way that does not hurt anyone, we insist that you all use your common sense and do not post anything that could get this cult or in trouble with the law. If you are not sure of the legality of something you wish to post, please contact a staff member.
  • Respect the Staff:
    The staff is not here to harass you or give you a bad time, but if they ask you to do something, they likely have a good reason. If you disagree with something a staff member tells you, you can contact Sillyspooky.
  • Do Not Plagiarize:
    This is the one thing the staff will be really strict about lowering the BanHammer on. In this cult, plagiarizing is defined by taking a character, roleplay, or post that someone else wrote and calling it your own. Even if you change a few minor details, it is still considered stealing and it will not be tolerated in this cult. If you wish to use content that someone else created, you must be sure to get their permission first.
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