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Welcome to Animanga_, one of VF's largest anime, manga and Japanese culture cults! We provide information on different animes and mangas out there, as well as Japanese bands and celebs. We also host contests, games and discussions. Feel free to join and become a part of our family.

Please read the rules, and be as active as possible, otherwise the cult wont be able to run! If you don't know where to start, pop a post in the introduction thread, and make your way from there :)
Please make your own threads if there's something you want to talk about that we haven't already covered!

Cult Rules

001 All vampirefreaks rules apply.
002 We'd love you to post new threads, just please make sure they're relevant to the cult in some way.
004 No 'Hi I'm new' threads. Use the intro thread instead.
005 No drama, please! No racist, sexist, or homophobic comments. Play nice.
006 D0nT TyPE LyKE tH1S.

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