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Created on: February 13, 2011


Here at ABT we have a simple mission, to be here for you. This cult is a safe and friendly place where we all come together and either seek guidance, help others and meet new friends. There are lots of fun games and discussions to keep you busy. We have many different informative forums on all different kinds of topics. We are much more than a advice cult we're a family. So come join our family today!

"If you're looking for A Better Tomorrow there's no better day than today."


001. No spamming.
002. Be considerate of other people.
003. No trolls.
004. Bullying will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.
005. Respect the ToS of the site.
006. Respect all Staff and other Members.
007. Do not play doctor, meaning don't diagnose people.
008. There will be no starting drama, if you see any going on, inbox one of the owners!
009. If there is something you need to talk about that you don't want to make a thread about, you are alway welcome to send one of the staff members a message!
010. If you get warned more that once for disobeying the cult rules, you will automatically get deleted from the cult. You may rejoin but if it happens again you will get banned.







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