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Created on: March 27, 2011
Welcome to the Pack

Welcome to Crestview or otherwise known as 'The Wolves' Den.'

On the outside, the city looks calm and peaceful; serene, even. Despite the sweltering heat of most southern cities, Crestview has managed to spring up in the mild climate of the lovely Lake Ashbrooke. The city has even become somewhat renowned for it's high ranked private school which is named after the body of water. What most of the innocent, well kept citizens of this largely populated city don't see, though, is the intense dance for power that captivated the darkness.

Crestview has become known by those with something 'other' about them as a giant rubberband, just ready to snap. Within the moderately sized picturesque community reside three very different wolf packs, a large Fae community, and a coven of vampires. Throw in a few shape shifters and magic users with no real alliances and it's not hard to see why to some the air in Crestview seems to carry some kind of electric charge. Should the tension become to much, it's hard to say what might actually become of the place so many call home.

This is a role play cult. You will be expected to fill out an application upon entering this cult. Once accepted all replies will be expected to be at least one well developed paragraph long and to be as active as you can manage.

The Laws

  • All VF ToS Apply
  • Staff Word is LAW
  • Have a problem? Bring it up to the Staff
  • No Outside Drama!
  • No God-Modding!

    All Other Rules can be found here: Rules
  • Update

    10/12/2012 - New Cult Layout!


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