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Created on: April 21, 2011

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Hey Missourians, You live in the Show Me State so Show Me what you got. Whether you like living here or not the fact is that your here just like the rest of us. With so many Cities and countrysides there's bound to be someone out the to relate to. So whether you wanna hang, chat, or make some new friends in your own state this is the place for you. There will be fun and games you can participate in and together we'll make sure that your comfortable and happy here (or at least comfortable :-p). Come join our family, you already live here anyway :-)


1. All VF rules apply.
2. You are fully responsible for the content you post.
3. Please do not type in all capital letters. unless in rant thread.
4. Treat other members with respect.
5. As much as possible, please try to keep posts on the topic of discussion denoted in the thread. If you would like to discuss another topic, please click the link "new topic" and start a new discussion.
6. Racism/Sexism will NOT BE tolerated.
7. No Harrasment.
8. No Drama
9. Be aware of what you post, I would NOT recommend posting your phone number
10. You can talk religion but be wary of where you tread. If it seems remotely offensive to anyone it will be deleted.

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Introduction (post here 1st)
04/21/2011 08:33pm
by Adora
11/16/2014 10:13pm
by poisonedSweetly
03/26/2012 11:25am
by VFsupport
08/09/2012 11:38pm
by Melanie_C_R
Area Codes
07/13/2014 05:05am
by enternal_abyss
10/08/2014 03:32am
by Shear_Abnormality
07/23/2013 11:37am
by enternal_abyss
10/02/2014 05:01pm
by PeachesNScreams
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Anyone in Nevada mo heading to springfield area?
08/04/2014 03:49pm
by stay_spooky
10/11/2014 09:49pm
by Prinster
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Started Last Comment
04/21/2011 08:37pm
by Adora
11/26/2014 09:20am
by xxvampirexblissxx
[D] Body Modifications
01/03/2013 10:34pm
by Melanie_C_R
09/25/2014 01:16pm
by Abeyance
[D] TV Shows
01/03/2013 09:58pm
by Melanie_C_R
08/20/2014 02:30am
by SilverRaven
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Suggest a Contest!
07/21/2013 03:11am
by enternal_abyss
03/08/2014 04:36am
by enternal_abyss
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