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Created on: August 12, 2005
This cult is for VF members who love FUSE and most of all Juliya. She models, she hosts shows, and she is just plain out fucking sexy. agreed?

-x-Hey Bitches-x- -x-Rock on and keep it HARD-x-

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More coming soon.

Personal Facts

"I'm not a sensitive girl, so you can say whatever you're gonna say"
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Name: Juliya Chernetsky
Nicknames: Jules
Birthday: July 10th 1982
Birthplace: Ukraine, then came to the states around 10 yrs ago
Raised:Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Speaks: Russian and English
School(s) Attended: Fort Hamilton High School; Hunter College
Interests: Friends, drinking, concerts, reading, movies, clothing
Talent/skills: Dancing
Music Scene: "Metal till I die baby!"
Achievements: "Working with people I've worshiped and respected all my life."
Favorite Vacation/Hang Out Spots: New orleans and Amsterdam
Favorite Past Times: "Laying in bed with my cat, hitting the pipe and watching tv."
Past Jobs: Telemarketing, receptionist,full-time executive-assistant at Heavy Inc. tutor, sold jewelry, tastemaker
Current Jobs: Host of Uranium and Co-host on Daily Download (on FUSE)
Magazine Sitings: Rolling Stone, ELLEgirl, Gener8, Revolver, Metal Edge, Cosmo Girl, Lollipop
Fans: "They are great."
Favorite Candy: Starburst
First Rock T-Shirt: At age 12 she got Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion 2
Last Rock T-Shirt: Led Zeppelin 1977
Tattoos & Piercings: Five tattoos, five piercings
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Fact: Think's Madonna is awesome.
Fact 2: Affectionate and mushy person when it comes to relationships.

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Young, expressive and excentric, Juliya tends to create controversy whereever she goes, in a good way. Juliya, audience proclaimed ultra-metal goddess works her magic with not only her fans, but the biggest names in the metal scene. The seductive gothic girl shows her immense music knowledge while hosting both of her shows Uranium and IMX interviewing the largest names in the business. She's known as the kick-ass outspoken girl amongst the three other hosts on IMX, definitely bringing the metal vibe to the show and showing it will never die. Her fiesty attitude, seductive looks and charismatic yet dominating personality has made her stand out amongst the bigger names in the business, getting her into magazines such as the infamous Rolling Stone, Cosmo Girl, Gener8, ElleGirl, Lollipop, Metal Edge, and Revolver. Juliya's truly creating a name for herself while continuing to keep true to her true passion, which is music, by far.
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At only then tender age of twenty-one, most of us couldn't claim that we have our own two shows, been in over several magazines, or interviewed the biggest names in the music business, but Juliya can. Her strong passion for metal has been her guiding "light" throughout the years. Born in Ukraine, Juliya moved to the States no less than ten years ago to create a better life for herself. Who would have known that that move to the U.S. would have been such a life changing one. In the U.S. Juliya was entranced by the rock world, culture and definitely, music. Some would even say she was "born again". Juliya's love for metal and her knowledge made her a fan favorite on the boards of a show called "Tastemakers" on FUSE, formerly known as MMUSA. There she continously spoke out, englightening mass amounts of viewers who tuned in, who eventually voted her on the show. Once on the show, she definitely made her mark, catching the producers eyes. They asked her if she would host a show they had called "Uranium", which she went on to do. Her amazing interviews with the biggest names in the rock scene catch the attention of the casters for "IMX" another show on the same network. She currently co-hosts on IMX, bringing the metal scene in full blast to viewers daily while also keeping her true hard-core rockers happy with her interviews on Uranium.

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Juliya's success has not been handed to her. She's been working hard to be where she's at and it's certainly paying off. While handling her studies at Hunter College, Juliya had to juggle hosting, which was definitely not an easy workload. Juliya wouldn't give up anything though. She says and stands by, "Metal till I did baby!", and her fans not only acknowledge her for that, but respect her tremendously. Her "I don't care what you think" attitude is continuing to make her a fan favorite, and a name in the industry. One might think that Juliya's personality wouldn't be as grounded as it is because of the rapidly rising status she's aquired, but ah, the contrary. You can catch the metal mistress at the hottest concerts rocking out along-side her fans and at the biggest parties and events. A regular rocker we're all tempted to say, but she's nothing of the sort. Juliya truly is one of a kind, knowing who she is, what she's about and standing behind it one hundred percent. It's no wonder why her fans are so supportive. We're just beginning to see what Juliya has to offer, this sexy gothic maiden has a lot of fight left in her.


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Cult Rules:
-x-Dont start unwanted drama-x-
-x-Dont start new threads of the same topic-x-
-x-Stay Active-x-
-x-post if your new-x-

-x-If the rules arent followed you will get a warning and then if it happens again, banned-x-

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Be A Slave To Juliya, or To Metal!
New show hosted by Mistress Juliya. You ask, she responds.
You can ask her all your sorry little problems and she'll fix it for you, from heavy metal, to your girlfriend/boyfriend issues, you'll never know what her answer will be. So sit down, relax and watch the mistress get on action.

-Tuesday-Friday @ midnight ET/9PM PT

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Showtimes -Monday-Friday 8pm

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Sad to say, after Juliya found a whip Marianela went home with marks on her ass after the shoot.

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