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  VampireFreaks November 2012 Survey Results January 03, 2013, 08:13pm
November Survey Results

We’re thrilled at the response that we got on our November Survey and the winner is
…! We randomly selected her from hundreds of submissions and what the survey did
was confirm a number of things that we had a sense was the reality with Vampirefreaks

1) That Manic Panic, M.A.C., Hard Candy and Urban Decay are most often used,
but that most people that use cosmetics, use multiple brands, with some being
quite obscure, niche oriented and culty.

2) Just as with cosmetics, there are thousands of brands of clothing companies
out there, although there are only a few dozen that cater to those with a darker
aesthetic. Tripp and Sinister along with the retailer Hot Topic, were most often
referenced, but Lip Service and Hell Bunny were added by Members as well.
There were more than three times the number of additional brands added by users
as for cosmetics, reflecting the additional choices available.

3) Overwhelming, Members indicated that their main source of new music was from
friends (over 81%). That says it all.

4) As for Members Goth affiliations, the reality is clear from this Survey. There are
as many opinions about what if any one orientation someone might be aligned
with. In most cases, it isn’t simply one. An interest in the dark aesthetic comes
in many moods, ages and images, from one Elder Goth’s comment; “Goth when
goth was. Old as the hills yet progressive as hell itself,” to a self-proclaimed
non-Goth; “I'm actually not Goth or anything; I just love your music, especially
industrial <3.” We love you all!

5) We loved the favorite foods responses. Over 50% of hundreds simply said they’ll
eat what they find. Another 40% said they make their own, which is a good idea,
considering prepared food and fast food can be killers, especially after a night
of hard partying. Over 30% did admit to giving into fast-food cravings, but were
equaled by the vegan, vegetarian, non-gmo, gluten and fat free crowd. Quite a
number of sophisticated eaters! We learned about Pescetarians too!

6) Gamers went gangbusters on our survey as well. The biggest game titles included
Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Silent Hill with over 40% of respondents
breaking thumbs on these games. Other popular titles included Dante’s Inferno,
Devil May Cry and Vampire: The Masquerade, which garnered over 30% of
Members thumbs up. With thousands of games on and offline, one curious
aspect was that over 30% of survey takers skipped the question. I guess they just
bounced from this question.

7) Favorite sites was the most consistent with all members who used
Vampirefreaks.com, Facebook, Deviantart, Youtube and various music sites.
There were some Sophisti-Goths that hung out at intellectual speaker site TED
and then there were the more detailed and nichey types into the vampire scene.

8) As for hobbies and interests, what was clear was that our Members wanted to
just hang-out over 77%! Yet, over 1/3 of all respondents added completely new
and unique activities, once again attesting to the diversity of the Vampirefreaks
community, especially on the creative side.

9) People also reflected the demographics of Vampirefreaks, where over 50% were
students and fully 33% involved in disparate industries and careers. Sorry haters!
Goth’s work in every aspect of the economy and quite successfully too!

10) No surprise here, since over 70% were water drinkers and over 40% of everyone
drank everything, except for blood imbibers, with only 25% of respondents
accepting an exclusive vampire diet.

Be proud of your diversity, your interests, your intellect and thank you for your input. It
will help make Vampirefreaks a more inclusive, entertaining and supportive community.
Oh and we’ll also be incorporating many of your comments into the changes that are
taking place right now, like the new Home page and landing pages.

posted by jet


April 03, 2013, 09:31:pm
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