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I'm originally from Chicago and i write and make music. I'm fuckn sick of the djmb shit on Facebook i use to go on the website 10 years ago. I am gettinh into white witchcraft but my knowledge is limited to what I can do online. If their is someone willing to guide me I am willing to learn
Too long....country
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May 10, 2015, 06:49pm
thank you


May 02, 2015, 09:57pm
Okay, you?

He is my master, and I am his slave. He is my everything, and I love him with all that I am.


May 02, 2015, 09:53pm

He is my master, and I am his slave. He is my everything, and I love him with all that I am.


May 01, 2015, 10:59pm
lmao awwww well thanks you have officially made my week XD
Apr 30, 2015, 03:13am
That great, you can be proud of yourself, the best start is by finding a balance this is hard, but maintaining is harder hahaha. This balance is symbolised in the pentagram all the elements stand for certain things in live like water stands for emotion, fire stands for passion air for the ratio ect ect. About my young age, my interest kept me in a kind of solitude. Especially in my teenage years i was alone in my room listening to music, and reading all about this kind of stuff. Most people have active social lifes but i was a hermit. If i look back at it and think it was a great time. I got got a great idea, in The Netherlands we have something called litteraly translated witches cafes, once every month people with interests is witchcraft and or Wicca meet in a bar or cafe just to exchange and discuss ideas, maybe google if there is something like this in your city. As a beginner it is nice to find a coven or circle just to get into the swing of things, again you can find covens on the internet. But be selective, be critical, there are enough coven who are just a bunch of idiots maybe trying to get money out of you. If they want to meet you, usually they always do this on neutral territory. I was a member of a coven for i think 2 years or so. Its great to celebrate the seasonal feast, and the other things we did. I learned all the does and the Health literacy
. But i got a conflict with the high priest and left the coven. See iam an independent thinker and not just a brain dead follower. The former priestesses is still my best friend and we are still in contact. Actually i became annoyed with the high priest because he was smoking pot all the time and he was too narcistic in my point of view. One of my interests was working with my ouijaboard. maybe you do not like this kind of stuff, but it enriched my life a lot. I had co workers coming over just to have a seance so they could experience some contact with families that passed over. I would not suggest you to get into these things just out of the blue. at the moment iam not a great writer because its getting later here and my brain is a bit on standby. Just a minor question, can you tell me your zodiak, your favourite flower, and your favourite animal. Andif you know your birthtime that would be great too. Wish you a great day.
BB Ang
Apr 29, 2015, 10:36pm
Hey you. My base was critical thinking, just do not believe everything you read or hear but put it to the test your self. My interest in the alternative way of thinking started as a child. I think i was about maybe 11 years old. Got a historybook from mum about history for young people. I started reading about Egyptians and mythology. Than i started reading about the so called paranormal stuff like life after death, fortune telling and everything in between. Than i started dissecting the bible and it made me not happy how i experienced it so i stopped being a christian, but i kept on developing my sprititual and alternative outlook on things. At that tine i was unaware that they have some kind of label for this which i discovered much later. Technically if you had to label me it would be a gothic wiccan. The basic things i found very usefull to build your witchy career on is firstly do you do it out of the idea of spirtual or egocentric background, the latter means knowing that you can influence certain things or as a gift you can use to do kind things. you need to be very critical with your self (know thyself)
You must be dedicated, willing to learn, be strong minded. Read decent books not junk. All the stuff you read make it your own, this means make some adaptations. If you build an altar or magical place put your personal energy in it. Your ratio and feelings must be in balance. never practice magic when you are angry. Do not talk with every person you meet about the things you do, they do not understand or just hate you for it or even mock you. Write down all your spells and recepies in a personal journal, witches call this the book of shadows. You asked me about my first language , technically i speak a Germanic dialect because where i used to live was exactly on the dutch German border, but i went to dutch schools. If you would consider to visit the Netherlands i noticed most people ore really two faced. They pretend to be colour blind if you know what i mean, i never use the word race, because there is only one species of human being and that is Homo Sapiens. But i noticed behind someones back they dislike them very much, they are good as tourists and if they play for their national footballteam but as a resident of the country they see them rather going than coming. Another thing i want to tell you if you sart collecting items try flee markets or second hand shops they sell great utensils like candle holders, chalices, or make a pentacle out of a round breadboard. My techniques are quite simple and you can find them in every witchcraft book like the one from marie cabot, to raymond buckland and even here on the internet, these are very very simple steps, technically every idiot can do this. But what idiots are not aware of is the consequenses if you whatever wrong. See your working with forces or energies or whatever you want to name it and this demands a certain respect and attention to detail. The important rule is always draw a protective circel anddo not leave it till your finished and then you must remove it befor you leave. There are so many things but i cannot write about it untill i have a concrete question. It is great you are sober, btw some people like shamans they seem to use certain drugs to reach a kind of trancendental whatever stage. Personally thats not my thing because in my opinion(this does not mean iam right) you are more vunerable for negative energies if your mind is affected by drugs. And it is better for your health anyway as long you do not need them as a form of alternative medication. Have a great day,

BB Ang


Apr 29, 2015, 09:27pm
oh wow lol and yeah ^.^


Apr 29, 2015, 09:13pm
i used to do it at my cousin house but he moved so i havent rode in a while lol ^.^ and yes , yes i do and i do it while the theme song of ghost rider plays in the background lmao XD
Apr 29, 2015, 12:26am
Hey you, sorry for responding that late, i had to study for my bioscience test. Firstly i never did things because of a dogma that tells me what to do. I never drink, because i do not like the taste or smell of booze, and i want to be in control what i do or what i say and out of respect for my body, because i know how hard it is for a body to maintain healthy. So i consider this as common sense. From the other side wiccans should respect their body and other peoples bodies not because they have too. I do not like the words " have to'', but the wiccan lifestyles implies that you should take care of your self. Btw you can never be perfect, its a hopeless idea and makes life less enjoyable. I don't smoke don't drink or do other drugs because i see my body as a gift from mother nature and because i have only one body people should take care of it. For some people it demands some self discipline if they want to change their lifestyle, for me its just me. And a healthy mind works better in a healthy body and visa versa. i do not deny myself once in a while a treat like a piece of cake or a quarterpounder with cheese. The building blocks of power? actually i do not understand what you mean with this question, English is not my first language so you have to be relatively precise in you question. I have seen many wiccans with a shitty lifestyle as well. I think you have to practise what you preach otherwise you're fooling yourself. But as you know people always find excuses to justify their bad habbits. At the end if it takes you some discipline to improve your lifestyle i advise you only to do it if it comes from deep inside you and not because a religion or other kind of dogma demands it. But iam the only person who is responsible for myself, what others do does not give me sleepless nights and on the other hand i do not take their conviction too serious. Btw if you have tons of knowledge it does not mean anything if you do not apply it or experience it. Have a great day
BB Ang


Apr 28, 2015, 05:40pm
I'm fine, how are you?