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Label: Down Port Music
Label Type: indie
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
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Seediq Bale is in Itunes NOW

Seediq Bale is OUT NOW

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[ Biography of ChthoniC ]

CHTHONIC is derived from the Greek god of the underworld with the phonetic translation into Mandarin as Shan-ling.

CHTHONIC seeks to bring ancient legends and myth into the modern era. There is much sadness in this eastern island of Taiwan, especially some of Taiwan's lost history which extends back 1,000 years but was destroyed as Han Chinese came to the island 500 years ago. The arrival of this group subjugated native and aboriginal culture to the margins. Nearly 1,000 years of history disappeared as quickly as smoke and fire. With every spirit there are taboos, tales, and traditions. CHTHONIC seeks to resurrect these old spirits and legends, drawing inspiration and reviving these myths, as well as start building new legends.

Formed in 1995, CHTHONIC has recorded four albums. The first album, Where the Ancestors' Souls Gathered, describes a journey across the sea, with the "Black Water Ditch" referring to the Straits of Taiwan, and the difficult and daring passage from China to Taiwan. The group's second album, 9th Empyrean, deals with the subject of "Mother Isle Disintegrated, Aboriginal Gods Enthroned" or the epic battle between Chinese Han spirits and the spirit gods of Taiwan's aboriginal people. The third album, Relentless Recurrence, opens with percussion instruments, creating a cacophony to tell the story of local demon Na-Tao Ji and his story of revenge, transcending mortal limits, and releasing souls from purgatory.

After three year waiting, Seediqbale, the latest album from Chthonic, is full of lament, tragically heroic, and still gloomy. Chthonic's music tells the Taiwan true-history Wushe event and tragic hero Monarudao.

The Taiwan Seediq tribe, which live high in Mount Wushe, was fabled to be born from the fusion of big rocks and giant trees a thousand years ago. Only clansman that have passed the severe trial can be tattooed on the face, a mark for clansman to cross the rainbow bridge to join the ancient souls and receive internal life. In 1895 A.D., the Japanese started colonial governing Taiwan and banned the Seediq's traditional culture, which lasted a thousand years. Monarudao, the chief of the proper, led his people to fight against the Japanese soldiers, and begins this tragically and heroic story.

CHTHONIC's melodies can be characterized as extreme metal with a central inspiration and folklore coming from the black metal movement. CHTHONIC uses the traditional Oriental stringed instrument er-hu, which can be compared to an eastern violin. The sound of the er-hu is one of grief and sorrow, which CHTHONIC accompanies with heavy drums and guitar strings blending into harmony. The music flows with the tempo of ancient mythology, and often, through lyrics, conveys an abbreviated version of a traditional myth or legend. Freddy Lin, lead vocalist, uses his voice to tear and rip melodies, using both ancient and modern language and energy, which mix easily with the music. The music swings from cool despair to the heat of shock and anger. By wavering between these emotions, CHTHONIC is unparalleled in the world of black metal song composition.

Corpse paint is not the monopoly of the Scandinavian metal bands. It also originates from the "Eight Generals", who appear in religious parades based on Taiwanese folklore. When these deities wear corpse paint, they are empowered with the eight Taoist spirits to be the judge of good and evil. The corpse paint encounter of some Scandinavian black metal bands reminded Chthonic of the Taiwanese "Eight Generals". Therefore, Chthonic gradually incorporates their corpse paint with the influence of the "Eight Generals", such as the reverse hook emphasis on the corners of the mouth, etc.

CHTHONIC was awarded "Best Rock Group" at the 14th Golden Music Awards, the Eastern Asian equivalent of a Grammy. The award was presented to the band by none other than the country's President Chen Shui-bian.

All songs of Seediq Bale is in Itunes NOW!
Seediq Bale is in Itunes NOW

Seediq Bale is OUT NOW!
Seediq Bale is OUT NOW

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Seediq Bale
(English Version)

ChthoniC Anthology
(Best Compilation)

Relentless Recurrence
2007 Re-issued by SPV (2002)

A Decade On The Throne Live
2007 Re-issued by SPV (2006)

ChthoniC Dynasty
Documentary Book
(written in Taiwanese)

Live of Quasi Putrefaction, A Decade On The Throne Concert
ChthoniC performed with Chorus

Live Clip of Onset of Tragedy, A Decade On The Throne Concert
ChthoniC performed with Oriental Orchestra

Music Video of Quasi Putrefaction

Music Video of Indigenous Laceration

Music Video of Progeny of Rmdax tasing


Homepage: http://www.chthonic.org/en/
Link 1: http://myspace.com/chthonictw/
Link 2: http://chthonic.org/newsen/
Link 3: http://chthonic.org/gallery/

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