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My life story.


"If you can't be the poet, be the poem"
Status: "Look at you. Walking around like your shit don't stink."
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It's the same old situation. It's the same old situation. It's the same old situation. It's the same old situation. It's the same old situation. It's the same old situation. It's the same old situation.
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Sex: female
Age: 22
Location: Waseca/Mankato, Minnesota, United States
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Single
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If you don't like what you see,
Get off my page (:

My name is Crystal Lynn.
I am 20 years young.
I am bisexual. <3
Sunset skies and the summer's rain,
A gentle drizzle on a sunny day.
A loving kiss when I feel the pain.
And a hand to hold, while I walk my way.

A long, long sleep on my cosy bed,
Blue satin skirts and a ringing bell.
I like the daffodils and roses red,
Light green grass and fresh lime's smell.

Icecreams, chocolates and wafers too,
Numbers, one and zero and four;
I like those colors, pink and blue,
And the little flowers that grow at my door.

A game of checkers and a bright sunshine,
Early morning's breeze and a drop of dew.
Floating clouds and a distant shrine,
A careless stroll and a hill top's view.

The sound of waves and the breeze on shore,
Those scattered shells and fresh sand smells;
Pearls, corals and a lot many more,
Hot buns and candies which the old man sells.

Butterflies, babies, doves in white,
Fairies, angels and a sweet surprise.
Secrets, snow flakes and a full moon's night,
Hot cakes, sweets, nuts and a wise advice.

Little gifts, full bloomed flowers, a garden green,
Winter's night, a thick, red coat and Santa claus,
Irish landscapes, autumn pathways, a poetic scene,
Calm boat rides, Eucalyptus trees and a nice applause.

Greeting cards, magic spells and hand written mail,
Cute erasers, blue ink pen and a clean, white sheet,
A holiday noon, an old, wooden swing, and a fairy tale,
Almonds, hot chips, lemonades and raspberry feast.

My grandmother's laugh and bedtime dreams,
A tight embrace, good night kiss and the star lit sky,
A melody tune, a friendly chat and distant gleams,
Prayer in silence, soft whispers and the midnight sky.

Grandfather's clock, piano and the season of spring,
A fishing rod, big, brown hat, a game to play,
A lazy day, when I listen to the cuckoos sing,
My family and friends and the things, they say.

A poor mans work, an inspiring scene,
A sweet, little dream and my dream guy's smile,
My pretty, deep fantasies, a mermaid queen,
And the precious rainbow that smiles a little while.
Teachers. Teachers are the root of all evil and should all be destroyed. We can live without them, trust me!

Schools. They're nothing more than expensive ways to spend taxpayers' money on nothing at all! Believe me I learn more on the internet everyday, than I've learned in my entire five years of highschool! Jeez.

Mimes. If you can make a living doing shit like that, we all know the world is a really fucked up.

People that are younger than me. They never have a clue what they're talking about.

People who are older than me. They always think they know everything better.

People who protest against stuff. Because these kind of people always seem to think that someone apart from them, gives a shit. Unless of course, it's school.

Stupid people. Self explanatory I think.

McDonalds. How many times do I have to tell you? THEY DO NOT SELL FOOD! Jeez.

Stupid wannabe-comedians. You aren't funny. Shut the fuck up. Kill yourself.

Jumpstyle. I hate jumpstyle. Stupid, stupid people.

Media Market. Home to the most shittiest of employees. Ever.

President Bush. Making America look stupid since 2000.

America. Is it just me, or does it seem that everything evil comes from there?

Emo's. Self explanatory.

American football. Basically rugby for pussies.


Valentine's Day. The biggest commercial shitfest to ever hit the world.

Scientology. The biggest load of bollocks I've ever heard of.

Keyboards(the one for your computer). The allow typo's to be made. God I hate typo's. Stupid keyboard. I've got to admit that they're good for ramming through a monitor though. And through a teachers head.

Webcams. They never work when you need them to work. Until you're undressing yourself. then they suddenly do work. Stupid things.

Celebrities. For some reason, the most popular persons on the world, are also the most stupid persons on the world.

Musical Televisionary Vomit. Stupid teenage girls watch it too much, and now the party commision wants to have a typical american style prom.

Emotional television. You know, like Dr. Phil or Oprah winfrey and stuff. The sould make an entire television channel with only "emotional television" and they could call it "Shitefest TV".

Ping Pong balls. The fucking things always get lost. No exception.

People without a sense of humor. For these people is the following message: Fuck you.

Rule 34. I've been scarred for life thanks to it.

Wapanese. The only persons who like to think they're Japanese, are people who do not have, in any way, a culture of their own.

Gangsters. You know the kind. If you don't know the kind I'm talking about you should watch a random rap/hiphop video. With the music turned off of course.

Battletoads. Goddamnit that game is so fucking hard.

Comic books. The stupid ones that is. You know with all the faggotry.

Tay Zonday. Faggotry incarnate that is. Jezus Christ, what has evolution done!?

Too much bullshit on cellphones. I've said it before and I'll say it again: It's not needed you assfucks, so why is it there!?

Fjortisars. The ugliest species known to mankind. Also the most stupid of species in the universe.

Hippies. God, why do they exist? Can't we just do a big huge major holocaust on them? Either that, or kill them.

Hypocrites. Can't they just think before they speak? Obviousely not.

People who don't know how to write proper English. Look, a typo here and there is okay. But especially things like typing your instead of you're really pisses me off. ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER! DO YOU SPEAK IT!?

Nunchuks. Goddammit, I keep hitting myself in the face with those damn things.

Religion. No I don't want to "find God" and I certainly don't want to blow myself up for God knows how many virgins.

You. Unless you're someone who I really like, I probably hate you as well
1. Iron Maiden
2. Metallica
3. AC-DC
4. Slayer
5. Nightwish
6. Children Of Bodom
7. Rammstein
8. Amon Amarth
9. Black Sabbath
10. System Of A Down
11. Slipknot
12. Megadeth
13. Dimmu Borgir
14. Arch Enemy
15. Pantera
16. Motörhead
17. Cradle Of Filth
18. In Flames
19. Korn
20. Cannibal Corpse


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