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Conversations are like sword fights and I prefer to bring a gun.
Status: Dreaming of nightmares.
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Sex: male
Age: 31
Location: Indiana, United States
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Member since: April 03, 2005
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Occupation: Herding cats. Also known as management.
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A single drop of red in perfectly pristine snow.

I am one who enjoys a good conversation. I tend to be quiet when around people I don't know. I like to watch and listen to others to get a feel for them before talking. Once I get to know someone, I am very talkative and playful.

I enjoy a wide range of topics. I am knowledgeable in many areas. I thrive on deep conversations. I like talking about things that make people think or even uncomfortable. I would say I don't bite, but I really do.

I'm always looking for people to entertain me. I'll talk to most anyone. I'm generally easy to talk to, but can be a bit mysterious. I don't have secrets. People can't blackmail you without them. I just neglect to answer things sometimes.

I am, by my nature, a born counselor. I read others very well and my intuition is quite sharp. I pick up on the little details others miss. It's not always about what one says, but what they don't say.

I am seeking more in all things. I'm a very driven person and definitely a dreamer. I simply love living. I need very little, but want everything. I want to give everything and ask for nothing.

I find most to be oblivious to the simple reality of things. I often get told I know everything. I get accused of being a sweet heart, but I swear I'm evil.

I guess it will be up to those, who are curious enough to contact me, to find out which it is. If they can keep my attention, that is.

  • I'm a hopeless romantic behind a wall of ice.
  • I'm a fearless optimist being guarded by a cynic.
  • I'm an open book with many blacked out pages.
  • I'm the eternal child who parents others.
  • I'm everything you see, and so much more.
  • I'm the warmth found in the dark.
  • I am the truth you cannot bear.

I'm a figment of my imagination. So, what does that make you?

Random Tidbits

Myers-Briggs Personality TypeINFJ
ZodiacVirgo Tiger
Favored Deity 1Kali
Favored Deity 2Bast
Favorite AnimalSnow Leopard

Probability, religion, and science all agree that bunnies dancing with machetes are purrfectly possible.

racists/sexist people. people who try to force their religion on me. heavy alcohol/drug use.

Internet Explorer's inability to display things properly. If you are using it, switch to Firefox.

The 69 eyes, apoptygma berzerk, beborn beton, blutengel, collide, deathstars, delerium, emilie autumn, marilyn manson, sarah maclachlan, the birthday massacre, the cure, the cruxshadows, tori amos, vnv nation, voltaire, wolfsheim, xandria

Conversations are like sword fights and I prefer to bring a gun.

It doesn't matter what you look like, I assume everyone is an idiot. You have to talk to me to be beautiful.

I'd fight my inner demons, but I agree with them.

I truly enjoy a good conversation, but rarely find a better one, than the one in my head.

I'm very much like a gem. I have a myriad of facets and each sparkles in it's own way. Each is a mask I wear. Each a separate self, I'm eternally arguing with.

I did such a good job as the Devil's advocate, he hired me full time.

Life is more fun when you embrace the crazy.

If you are interested in someone, and wait for them to figure it out, you may be waiting the rest of your life.


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