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Label: Metropolis Records
Label Type: indie
Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
United States
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Cesium_137 is Isaac Walter Glendening and Vince Guzzardo
Each member has a background in classical music study, and contemporary electronic music production, bringing a true understanding of song structure in each fold of the production process. Simply put, every song is the dream of Cesium_137 conjured into reality. It is a perfect synthesis of classic pop song structures, emotive vocals, and hard dance music grafted into one form.

Sounds Like
Trance-EBM with IDM and synthpop overtones.
airbase, tiesto, depeche mode, nitzer ebb, erasure, kenna, pet shop boys, front 242, aphex twin, armin van buren, boards of canada, nirvana, BT, haujobb., and many many more...