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VampireFreaks.com Premium Membership

Advantages of Premium Membership:
  • No Ads - Premium Members do not see ads on any of the profile pages.
  • See your last 100 profile views. See a list of the last 100 people who viewed your profile.
  • See your last 50 ratings. See a list of the last 50 people that rated you, as well as what they rated you. This list gets updated everytime somebody new rates you. It appears in a new page called "my ratings".
  • Broadcasts - Send a mass inbox message to everyone who has listed you as a friend.
  • Search User profiles by Keyword. Search for any key words in user profiles.
  • Upload Bigger Pictures, without compression. Pictures uploaded to the site are compressed in order to save space, which does decrease the quality slightly. Premium members can upload pictures without compression to keep them high quality.
  • Ability to upload pictures without the "vampirefreaks.com" watermark placed on them.
  • Power Bombs - you can help moderate the site by helping to suspend unwanted users. click here for explanation
  • Maximium of 100 user icons instead of the default 20 icons.
  • Create Unlimited Cults. Cults are communities that you can control, people can sign up and post messages and have discussions. Free uses can only create one cult, but premium members can create unlimited cults. Also premium members can put music and videos in your cults.
  • Send out cult notifications - Send a mass inbox message to everyone in your cult.
  • Cult Invites - 1,000 invites a day, instead of the default 200 invites.
  • Get featured on the Premium Users Page
  • Get featured as a "Featured Premium" - your pic will be displayed on the main page, this only shows premium members and is updated with a new member every minute.
  • Make your profile only viewable by other vf members (not publicly accessible). When you turn on this feature, users you have blocked cannot access your profile.
  • For Bands - Band Notices - Send a mass inbox message to everyone who is on your fans list.
  • For Bands - "Promote My Band" feature - allows you to search for members and send out mass invites to check out your band.
  • For Bands - Maximum of 12 songs instead of the default 5.
  • By becoming a premium member, you are showing support for the site and helping to pay the site hosting fees. You also get special recognition, with "[Premium Member]" as your account status and showing on the title of your profile
  • You get any future premium features. More premium features will be added in the future. Any additional premium features that are added will be available to existing premium users.

Accepted Payment Methods:
  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
  • Paypal
  • Check or Money order in US dollars. (Customers outside of the US must only send international money orders, we do not accept international checks).
  • Cash - please only send well hidden cash (wrap it in some paper). We are not responsible for cash lost in the mail. Only US dollars are accepted.

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