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Life is hard, yes. But nothing is handed to you on a silver platter. And you have to go through the thorns to get to the rose.
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Sex: female
Age: 23
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Orientation: Straight
Status: In a relationship
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Member since: February 09, 2008
Last logged in: December 06, 2014, 06:07pm
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Hey world! I'm redoing my profile! AGAIN! Haha. I'm a random chick who loves making friends. Even more with gay guys I always find it fun to hang out with them! I am 1 out of 2 singers of a band called Aiko Dai Botan! I live black and neon colors. I love my cat, Diamond. I love getting dressed up just to go out even to the store. I am very friendly and very bitchy at times. I love to draw random things and design outfits. I'm planning to make a private school for outcasts. I'm addicted to music. Take my music away I take your life away. I hate being upside down and picked up. I'm only 5'3 so get over it. I never got spoiled by a guy. EVER. I can't stand bullies and abusers. I'm up to make pot legal. I've been sword fighting since I was 3 and belly dancing since I was 15. I'm a Halloween and horror lover! I am pagan born and raised! I don't look down on people unless they deserve it! I'm sometimes anti social due to being abused by my ex bf when I was 16 and mentally abused by one if my so called husband. I am married but getting a divorce because he's a jackass. I go by my stage name which is Jynx Dark. And I love hugging awesome people but hate being hugged by random strangers. If you are under the age if 16 or you're immature, please don't talk to me. I hate talking to idiots, and will go all evil bitch on you if you hurt my friends or family. My closest friends and my room mates are my family. I love them all and would beg the reaper to take my life to let them live.
Blood, My Best Friends, Oreo's, Music, Dancing, Having Fun, Making New Friends, Skype.
Fear, Dishes, Losing Friends, Heart Break, Skype -.-
Favorite Music:
30 Seconds To Mars, Alesana, Avril Lavigne, Black Vail Brides, Blue Oyster Cult, Bullet For My Valentine, Edenlust, Elvendrums, Escape The Fate, Flyleaf, Good Charlotte, Gorillaz, Green Day, HIM, Hollywood Undead, Iron Maiden, Kerli, KoRn, Lifehouse, Meatloaf, My Chemical Romance, Ozzy, Shinedown, Simple Plan, The Killers, Tokio Hotel. I mainly listen to what ever I want to, or sounds great.

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