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male, 25
Shitdale , Saskatchewan
Wood Cuntz
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Why hello, My name is Blaine Michael Phillip York. I llive in the middle of butt-fuck-nowhere in a small town in Saskatchewan called Shitdale(tisdale). It sucks the big one but hey gotta make a living for future goals. I am a very art intuitive person and I love anything that has to do with the medium of art. I personally want to become a film director and I'm slowly but surely working my way into a film school or some form of 2d animation. I did some university and wasted time and money but learned a lot about myself. I love art house films, horror movies, cartoons, foreign films. really anything creative and not mindless trash unless for total mind shut off. I hate all new movies they bore me and i can tell the plot within the first 10 min. I love death metal, Black Metal, Industrial, Movie or videogame soundtracks, Some Dubstep (only videogame dubstep the rest gets lame fast) and of coarse shitty old Nu-metal from the 90s r I enjoy drawing, in-taking rock concerts/other such loud events, writing, love going to the theater is one of my favorite past times enjoy have a few drinks with friends, making fun of bad anime, lucid dreaming, meditation. I still watch cartoons
SILENT HILL, ALCE in WOnderland, Tim Burton, Mystery Machine, Manson, LEGEND OF ZELDA, manga, POkEMON, Digimon, American McGee's alice,Art, Creativity, Films, Music loads and loads of music, toast, gir, Cheese, Cheese Sticks, Adventure Time, Slayer, Art, Abstract Art, Films, Art Films, Darth Vader, Elves, Lord Of The Rings, Road Warrior .
Hang Nails, Ignorant people, Actually people in general, Being to hot, my step-mom, lots of my childhood, my mood swings, my depression, straight beaked hats like seriously fuck them, fucking pop musicians like ill look the other way if its from the heart, but seriously if all your music sounds like something out of advertising and you music is one big add for your shitty lifestyle then fuck right off i got enough of this fake ass society in my face already, what i want is to meet real people who dont follow the leader because its what everyone else does, Judgemental DOuches who make me judge them. shitty movies, advrage things i like anything different and unique.
Favorite Music
Murderdolls, Alice Cooper, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Cradle Of Filth, Wednesday 13, White Zombie, Coal Chamber, Spetic Flesh, Deicide, Amon, Marilyn Manson, The Bezerker, The Apostasy, KoRn (only with orriginal members everything after is a total waste of time) Fleshgod Appocalpse, Crozon, Silent Line, The Black Dahlia Murder, Akira Yamaoka, Skrillex, Above and Beyond. Crystal Castles, Grimes, Burzum, Mayhem, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails,