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Sex: female
Age: 22
Location: in a house, ---US STATES----, United States
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
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Member since: December 04, 2007
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Occupation: What does it matter to you????
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Name: Terra
Age: 16 next month
Location: In front of the computer
Status: You might find out if ya ask....MIGHT

I'm bipolar but most of my friends think I'm a bitch (mostly because they make me that way). I dislike that huggy kissy shit that most of them do sooo sue me! Anyways I'm sarcastic and unfortunatly it comes off bad over the internet, so get this people ask me if I'm serious or not it doesn't take that long to type it down. I'm not into that cyber shit some people ask about so don't ask me to strip over the internet for you...you can't see me and I realize it's a fetish but people I'm illegal go find someone else.

Talk to me though I might not talk to you I've got a profile too come yell at me for it. (My leg hurts.)I'm not a mean person especially if I'm just meating you so I won't bite and generally if I have nothing nice to say I won't say it at all or it's already in my profile.

If I were a color I'd be midnight blue

And if I were an animal I'd be a cat (I've been informed on both they won't tell me what that means either except that I can be a loner)

and if I were a flower I'd be a rose Pretty but if handled wrong Mean.

Don't sit next to me in the movies unless ready to listen.

I wish I had those blue and green people in that commercial.

I'm slightly suspicous a lot of people don't like me. but really I secretly care too much.

I love monsters.

I'm slightly paranoid and abrasive!

I can sound racist but I don't mean to be.Usually

I love the computer and music.

I love art except painting it.

Luke Olsen is an ompa lompa and a telly tuby,even though he's taller than me, he just doesn't like it.

I'm addicted to Dr Pepper and carry one with me. EVERYWHERE! except in a grocery store.

I can go on like this forever!

I haven't ever met anyone with the name Max.

Coco is a weird name for chocolate drinks!

My hair spray smells delicious.

I love scary movies and sour candies!

I'm slightly sadistic but I feel bad after I laugh.

I call all animals kitties.

And after saying Imagination I throw my hands over my head like Spongebob and make a rainbow.
I like the smell of Axe, and any other cologne. I would wear cologne if it didn't say man on it. I love black eyeliner, hair straighteners, and my bangs in my eyes. Half of my family doesn't.

I dislike bananas I think that lol and rofl should be used sparingly.

I dislike people that stare at other people

I hate the thought of arranged marriges Who in the hell sales their kid for freakin land or a sheep!

I dislike that car that kept running over my frog in Frogger.

I dislike that little peice of hair right on the outside of my bangs..that just won't go away.

I hate people who talk and talk and never shut the fuck up.

I hate people who beg when it obviously isn't gonna happen.

I believe in some instances I'm more important than some people or maybe I just say that to piss them off.

and I hate making my profile soo long so bye!

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Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/talons_1child

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