About Me

Hi there! My name is Marnie, i'm 21 years old and I'm from Scotland. People who know me on world of warcraft are more likely to know me by a different name , I roleplay on there on the realm Argent Dawn under several characters. If you've added me from there, you may know me as Wraith or by one of my characters names. I'm heavily into roleplaying online as I love to write but I don't have the motivation or creative abilities to write anything solid storywise. I have many issues and they do get in the way of my ability to socialize. I am simply not a people person. I can either come across as very peculiar or unintentionally rude, I am quite blunt and I don't really filter very well. I am pretty quiet, chances are I won't actually reply to you if you message me unless its about my cult or rp. Basically i'm very anti-social and I just don't like people, I am slightly frightened of men (Not in a man hating way, I'm just scared) due to a very negative past with them and I will not be delighted by your compliments...Just because you compliment me does not mean you are entitled to something back so kindly sod off if you want something from me. In case you've not noticed, I'm very opinionated and abrupt, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Do not ask for an honest opinion unless you genuinely want it because you may not like the answer you get. I'm awkward as fuck, I have a very weird sense of humour that deviates between mature jokes to really childish and immature nonsense. I'm just weird, lets leave it at that. Not in an 'I'm so edgy!' way, I'm just a wee bit bizarre. I mean well, I'm rarely spiteful towards people so if I come across as rude, it's probably not meant (well...unless I specifically tell you to fuck off or something, then I probably do mean it).
I'm not very social, I don't really get on with people and I'm perpetually shy so don't expect a reply back if you message me. I'd say don't take it personally but sometimes it may be personal. I just don't like people....I'm not interested in forming any kind of relationship with you so fuck off


Music is a major part of my life and obviously reading and writing are too. I'm a huge fan of the authors Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter and Shelly Laurenston, erotica aside I'm a massive fan of Harry Potter! I am no art nerd but my favourite artist in the whole world would be Luis Royo, his art work takes my breath away, it is just STUNNING! I also love cats, my cat in particular, she's nuts and I adore her. I've slowly become a bit of a nerd, I started reading DC comics and now I can't seem to stop reading them, I spend more time fangirling over Nightwing than I should. I may have a small crush on him ok...But I'm generally a big fan of the DC world. I'm not a prolific gamer but I'm a huge fan of the Batman Arkham games and Assassin's Creed, I can replay them over and over and over again because I love them to bits. I'm a bit of a history nerd, I bloody adore it, I can read up on history related things for hours on end and it's totally Assassin's Creeds fault that I rediscovered my love for history. I like food...a lot, especially carrots or chocolate and stuff like that (I should probably be worried about my ability to get through an entire bag of carrots by myself). I like roses...I don't like gardening, well I like the digging up the ground part because it's great stress relief but beyond that it's just nope! I'm a former horse rider and I was once very athletic, something I greatly miss and I am working back towards being that fit, athletic, healthy person I once was.


I dislike lots of things...mostly people...yeah, I don't like people. I don't like loud noises, crowded places, weird smells and I hate the cold. I despise being touched, it terrifies me a great deal and I've become very uncomfortable around men due to an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship among many other things. I don't like being out of control, I don't like being told what to do and I'll take control where I can get it. I don't like people who dismiss mental health issues and tell you to just get over it, if you're one of those people then move the fuck along. Oh, spiders...I hate the sneaky fuckers, they are everywhere! And wasps, I hate them with a passion...I won't kill spiders because I do find them weirdly adorable but wasps die as soon as I get them!


Too much music to list! I was once a huge fan of Black Veil Brides but I slowly began to dislike them as people. My favourite band to see live has been Heavens Basement but I also saw Shakira live and she was pretty amazing too...I'm very open minded about music, if I like it, I like it, if I don't, I don't! Same goes for people. Parov Stelar is one of my favourite people to listen to, I can listen to his music for hours on end because it just makes me want to dance. I'm quite fond of the likes of Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra and such like but I'm also a fan of T.Rex. I've been obsessed with the band, Dorothy, lately because fuck me sideways that woman has one hell of a voice!