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Sex: female
Age: 25
Location: Margate, United Kingdom
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Rating: 0.00
Rating points: 0
Member since: August 28, 2006
Last logged in: January 20, 2016, 03:57pm
Account Status: Free Account
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Hey my name is Kally.I have one tattoo which is on the lower of my back and its of two hearts with a arrow going through it. Im at thanet college have finished my course and im going bk in september to do business. I live in Margate ,I have hazel eyes and natural long dark brown hair i dont intend to dye my hair until i get old lol.People tell me i got rele nice big and pretty eyes.I am the person who i am i dont change for anything or nobody im my own person have my own style.I am always a happy person,hypo,friendly,bubbly,sweet person im always up for a laugh and am always smiling,i love getting pissed with mates:).I have loads of friends and dunno what I would do without them. The most important things to me are my family and all my friends. I like listening to people who play music but I can't play any instruments lol.I hate boys who use u etc.. i love boys who are sweet and love me for the person that i am. I am 5ft 7. I love meeting new people and getting to know them. I love going shopping and spending lots of money I love my cosmetics, earrings,nose studs and my belly bars. I have my ears,belly and nose pierced. Thank you for looking at my page and hope you like it Much Love Kally xxx p.s. dnt forget to rate me plz thnk u:D
Spending time with friends, Spending time with family, Going Out Clubbing, Drinking, College, Christmas, Lots of Love, Picture Comments, Cuddles, Make-Up(especially eyeliner), Clothes, Fun, Talking MP3, Listening to loud music, Chatting to people on msn, My Computer Poetry, Hair Straighteners, Jewellery(especially my cross necklaces and rings), Texting friends, going out drinking, Sleeping lol x, Watching DVDS, Going to the cinema.
People who think they are better then everyone else, Shit Stirrers, Bullies, Racism, Liars, When someone hurts me(in a relationship), When I run out of mobile credit(so annoying), Fakes, Rapists, Boredom, Falling out with friends, Losing family and friends, Being freezing, Nobody to cuddle.
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