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this is not me deush forks
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Sex: male
Age: 22
Location: wynne, Arkansas, United States
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Wants to make babies with: Hellsnextboss
Admires: _Silent_Harpy_
Had sex with: _Silent_Harpy_
Rating: 10.00
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Member since: July 09, 2008
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My name is Patrick, I am 20 and I hate doing these things so this will be brief. I am an easy person to get along with and often make jokes at every moment(or at least try to) and I very rarely am in a visible negative mood. I have a twisted sense of humor and often add 2-3 cuss words a sentence so if you get offended by my speech I could care less. Not that it matters but I am an atheist and I couldn't care less about your particular brand of religious insanity, so don't shove your bullshit down my throat and we are good :D
I will give a brief overview of my likes so the general person can get a grip of my person :D
  • anime
  • comedy
  • manga
  • serious discussion
  • subtitles
  • intelligence
  • over hearing people arguing :D
  • any form of metal that is not scremo bullshit or death
This list is really short.
  • ignorance
  • english dubbing
  • wasps...
  • bees...
  • needles...
  • religious fucktards
  • sour creme :D
  • mustard
  • mayo
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Jan 27, 2015, 08:15pm
oh, really? I kinda like them both in different ways. also, awesome soundtrack in the anime.

i'll email you the anime links later. =) and i got a skype thingy: cm_the_snk . I had no idea what to use so i just went with the first random letters that popped up in my head, and then i thought i should add some anime flavour, so snk it was. *shrug*

it's not really that i've deliberately been keeping what i look like a secret, it's just that... i don't like photos? i really don't like photos of myself, i haven't taken any in years. and yeah, okay, I maaaaay be... a little paranoid? I believe in not leaving any positive ID clues behind. or something. lol the internet is forever and anything can be found, after all. but like i said, i'll think about it, and if i can take a photo that doesn't immediately disgust me, i might send it.

hahaha and i'll record something then. XD

not sure what the "residency" term means, but i'm pretty sure it doesn't apply. i'm doing 3rd year stuff, and that means classes at the hospital, and some actual interviewing of patients and stuff. the more advanced into this course i get, the more i hate it, hahaha. dealing with patients is seriously annoying. *sigh*

current plan is to never actually be a doctor. if i ever finish this damn thing, i'll take a final degree in the Languages area or something and get a job translating medical texts, maybe working as an interpreter. or something. oh, and emigrate, of course.

turns out putting my food up DOES work... a little. it delays them for about 5 minutes. since they're not usually on the walls. these things must have an awesome sense of smell, they're like bloodhounds.


Jan 25, 2015, 09:54pm
also, windows 8 is a scourge created by Satan to ensure my living days are worse than anything hell could ever come up with when i die

i am going to find out who had this brilliant idea of making windows 8 work like an ipad thingy and i'm goint to hurt them


Jan 25, 2015, 08:36pm
hmmm, i might give it a try. good music in anime is always a treat =D The thing with Zankyou is that thinking about it even now makes my poor heart squeeze painfully. it was beautifully done. there's also a new one airing now that kinda reminds me of Jigoku Shoujo, it's called Death Parade. Interesting so far. I like the OP.

about venting: thank you. but somehow these days I don't really want to talk, at all, to anyone? it's weird. I used to talk a lot to you guys and to people in some other websites but I've just... stopped? even IRL i don't talk to anyone, though that's not new. idk. 'S weird. i used to be so talkative. these days mostly i just want to sleep lol my record so far is 20 hours. lol lol I feel bad as a fellow animangian, i haven't been taking my fair share of venting from you guys. i have to get a new skype account, i lost the details of my old one. then we can talk properly again. XD and do you still have my phone number? since you're so often internetless XD seriously, regardless of how i'm feeling/doing/whatever, if you ever want to talk, just email me or something else that i will notice quickly, and I'll be here as soon as I can =)

i have somehow entered the evil side of anime, and I now really, really, REALLY enjoy sports anime. it's like, i get home at the end of the day after 6+ hours in the hospital/university, and i want anime, but i don't want to deal with complex stuff, so voilĂ : sports anime. nobody dies, no great mystery to be solved, and all i have to care about is if my favourite basketball team will make it to the finals or not. utter bliss, i swear. after 2 or 3 episodes, i go to sleep like a baby rofl instead of romances, try this. maybe it'll work. that, or watching Gintama. XD

leave 3 stickers and sign the glass or something XD

ehhhhhh. i'll think about it. and what "interest in my potential beauty"? whaaat? why? seriously, my face is not worth that much curiosity XD now, the voice meme thing, that i can do, if you want another one. lol just tell me what you want me to say. actually, no, just ask me questions, i'll bet if it's the other thing you'll make me read something awful XD o/

the ants are demons sent from hell to punish me for all my wrongdoings, and i deeply regret my life of shame. i can't even keep cookies unless they're in individual sealed packages. the other day i tried to hang the plastic bag with the bread on the curtain holder thingy, and do you think that helped? it REALLY didn't. and it's not just the food. they like to walk all over the laptop, and even me. i've probably eaten a few at this point, WHY MUST IT BE SO.

oh, oh, and another thing: SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN. since you've been internetless, did you ever get around to watching it? i don't remember if i ever talked to you about it or not. i have a vague memory of talking about it with someone, but maybe it was Soul? idk. i just remembered it now because i'm wearing my SnK hoodie and i just thought i'd ask how you feel about the new Famous Anime Everyone Knows About. =D


Jan 21, 2015, 08:10am
i feel the love, yay~ XD my sister saw a bit of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and she said it was the most boring thing ever. not sure if her opinion can be trusted. XD you know what is awesome? Donten ni Warau, the manga. the anime not so much. I really like the art style. also, my main character died and i suffered like never before while reading a manga. OH BUT YOU KNOW WHAT WAS REALLY AWESOME THIS SUMMER? ZANKYOU NO TERROR. omg. so good. it was beautiful. amazing animation work. also, the characters, they kill me. why must i suffer this way.
The surgery is not major, no, don't worry. it's just, i'm an ex-athlete, long term injury stuff, you know how it is. It's just my hips. i have yet to schedule it and stuff, but probably in the summer.
as for the rest, it's just the usual problem. don't wanna be a doctor, hate everything, but if i want a university degree this would be the best, can't study, can't pass classes, started having panic attacks, etc, etc. ah well. could be worse. anime heals the soul, i swear. it's like an instant anesthetic.
when you fall and pass by my window at least leave a sticker or something on it saying "alpha was here" because i might not be looking right then and miss your brief appearance. lol
picture of myself... hmm. don't wanna. i think i'm normal-looking, but there's photogenic, there's neutral, there's the opposite of photogenic, and then there's me. photos do NOT agree with me. also, i'm not sure i believe you about not showing everyone. buuuuut. but. i'll think about it. if I can take a photo that i don't think looks like Cthulu on a bad hair day, I'll show it to you.
P.S. in other news: ants. ANTS EVERYWHERE. my new apartment is infested. i can't put down a piece of bread on the table because when I pick it up again it'll be absolutely covered in ANTS. even glasses of water get swarmed. why. WHY.



Jan 13, 2015, 09:05pm
daaaaaaaaamn, that sucks! =(((((( hope it gets better soon. things could be better here too, seems i might have to get surgery done, also lack of money, etc. =( it's amazing how everything sucks, haha. and i have come back to anime but it's more of a... "let's watch 3 episodes of a sports anime before bed so i can relax enough to sleep" thing and also a "let's think about anime all day because if i concentrate on what's actually going on IRL I'll cry" thing, rather than the "let's watch all 3 seasons of this really intense, awesome anime and then obsessively discuss it for months" thing from before. heh. i'll look for that Ajin one, though.
let's hope things get better soon. send me a message now and then so i know you didn't fall off the face of the earth or something, yeah? it might take me a while to answer because these days i actively avoid checking my email hahaha but yeah i'll see it eventually, so don't forget about me XD


Dec 13, 2014, 10:54am
XD me? shy? XDDD internetless, eh? how come? aaaaand have you been watching anime, or did you go through a no-anime phase like me? (i'm back to my all-anime-all-the-time phase though....)


Dec 02, 2014, 08:10am
YO ALPHAAAAA WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I WAS ACTUALLY KINDA WORRIED. i am unfortunately still not sexy, but things are going along, i guess. how 'bout you? tell me stuff.