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this is not me deush forks
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Sex: male
Age: 23
Location: wynne, Arkansas, United States
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Wants to make babies with: Hellsnextboss
Admires: _Silent_Harpy_
Had sex with: _Silent_Harpy_
Rating: 10.00
Rating points: 50
Member since: July 09, 2008
Last logged in: August 15, 2015, 08:36pm
Account Status: Free Account
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My name is Patrick, I am 20 and I hate doing these things so this will be brief. I am an easy person to get along with and often make jokes at every moment(or at least try to) and I very rarely am in a visible negative mood. I have a twisted sense of humor and often add 2-3 cuss words a sentence so if you get offended by my speech I could care less. Not that it matters but I am an atheist and I couldn't care less about your particular brand of religious insanity, so don't shove your bullshit down my throat and we are good :D
I will give a brief overview of my likes so the general person can get a grip of my person :D
  • anime
  • comedy
  • manga
  • serious discussion
  • subtitles
  • intelligence
  • over hearing people arguing :D
  • any form of metal that is not scremo bullshit or death
This list is really short.
  • ignorance
  • english dubbing
  • wasps...
  • bees...
  • needles...
  • religious fucktards
  • sour creme :D
  • mustard
  • mayo
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Apr 14, 2015, 04:24pm
well, then. rock on, i guess. lol


Apr 12, 2015, 06:58pm
yes. yes he did. he clawed his way up my arm and to my shoulder. i had to pull him back, and he tried to cling to my skin. it was not pleasant.

damn you have a long list. XD i'm having enough trouble relearning french and learning japanese, i don't think i'll add more to my list yet. though german is pretty cool... but no, nope, not on the list yet. XD


Mar 24, 2015, 09:28pm
that sounds fun. awesome way of finding and choosing a new language to learn.

there's an herb around here that, supposedly, kills fleas. not sure yet how much of an effect it had, but i'll try your suggestion next if it doesn't work. maybe next week, when i've forgotten the trauma. i think i have scratches on my scratches. and i think the ones on my shoulder will scar. why must these cats hate me.


Mar 23, 2015, 03:37pm
tagalog, really? sounds interesting. what made you pick that one?

kay, won't mention it again. mine has become a non-event too, so yeah.

also my cat has fleas and i can't afford the thingy to kill them, so i'm giving him a "traditional" treatment later. water will be involved.
i don't know why i must suffer like this, having to bathe felines that hate water. i'm probably going to die. please make the arrangements for my funeral.


Mar 19, 2015, 08:21am
I think i wouldn't mind it so much if people just started calling the brazilian dialect "brazilian". sure, it'd still be portuguese and it would still be a dialect rather than its own language, but it would probably reduce confusion. o/

well, if you ever do want to learn portuguese, just tell me. lol

yay for memorizing stuff. I've been using memrise and the obenkyo app a lot instead of studying anatomy. rofl

also, wasn't your birthday around this time? i just saw a birthdays update on my VF but when i got there it was empty. it was yours, wasn't it? sorry i missed it ^^;;;; happy birthday. sorry i'm late, haha.


Mar 12, 2015, 03:01pm
still, we were mentioned! lol this is beginning to sound like i'm all for Queen and country or something, but it's really just about not having foreigners go "lolwhut? never heard of your country, u sure u're not lying about not being brazilian? Brazil is awesome." lol

no, no, that's good. you learned at least the basics of how the language works, so i wouldn't be introducing you to fun new aspects like "hey, did you know we have gendered nouns? guess what, your fork is male, but your knife is female! and you have to modify your possessive pronouns according to the stuff, not the noun of the sentence! and here are about 123456789000 new verb tenses! have fun!" rofl

in other news, i'm finally starting to memorize the kana. i still forget a lot, but some of them i can always remember now! *is proud* XD


Mar 11, 2015, 04:06pm
they actually learn about portugal in school in other countries?! cry we have not been totally forgotten after all! cry
i kinda get the feeling that Anon loves self-glorification, i think any country will do as long as they get to play hero.
i have no idea how good i'd be at teaching portuguese, but sure. did you learn spanish or french in school? 'cause it's not too different.


Mar 10, 2015, 05:04am
i'm pretty sure they'd be up for it. isn't it just the kind of thing they'd love?
these days we don't, no. not now that we're not the brave sailors out to find out if there's monsters at the end of the sea while everyone else trembles in fear by the shores. does anyone outside of Portugal even remember the Portuguese discoveries? The establishment of the maritime route to India? we were the first non-asian foreigners in Japan goddamnit. T_T admittedly, much of it was done in a "conquering asshole" way, but. we're tiny, and WE DID STUFF. we were crazy rich. and these days it's like, "Oh, you speak Portuguese? You're Brazilian, yeah?" gaaaagkfjlsdal cry


Mar 09, 2015, 06:25pm
*sighs* just do your best to stay alive. and, how is it they say that thing in japanese? ganbatte? something like that.
i'd probably not bring an army, more like go cry to Anonymous or something, since they seem to fond of causing trouble.
portugal had an empire once. or they fooled themselves they had one. either way it did not end well.


Mar 05, 2015, 07:40am
defining some limits and actually enforcing them would be better for everyone. is that completely out of the question? i mean, seriously, she has some responsibility towards you as well. someone should be doing something. -_- not that i'd really know anything about it, sorry, i'll shut up.
also, please don't get killed. from what i hear your cops can't be trusted. i know you're not doing anything to merit the attention, but idk. don't die. as your senpai, i'd have to go over there kick some ass on your behalf, and I don't have time for that.