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Heya! I'm Passion, i live in a small country called Denmark... <_<... exact location, Roskilde, Denmark..
but yea.. look around, give Me a scream (comment), n rate if that's your thing. most times i write n rate back 100%.
I'm usually the nice type, but pretty straight and honest.

Don't be scared tho, i'm nice.. not enough proof? write me ;)

Msn: Ye, ask.
Skype: Ye, ask

Race: Asian, American n Danish

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Favorit word of the day: War

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Even tho there's alot to hate I also like alot of stuff... here's a few things that comes to mind.. first few being pretty obvious.. but I'll try to get more interesting futher down. :b
no order.. well some order.. top is obvious stuff, less obvious later down etc.

  • Music - what did You expect¿?

  • Girls - Yea, i like girls..

  • Gaming - Mostly LoL

  • Movies - Also been an editor

  • Piano - Playing myself

  • Apple - (iphone, mac, etc) = <3

  • Cartoons - Never gonna grow up

  • Tats - tho i only got 1 myself atm

  • Jack D - about all i drink

  • Tim Burton - A-mazing director

  • Pokémon - Playing black & white atm.

  • You - aww ain't that cute?

  • "Stuff" - as in, "stuff" where you can see/feel "stuff",love that


Mmmm... even tho i like alot.. i prolly hate/dislike even more..
ain't gonna mention all tho.. but here's a few.
  • Facebook - no srly i hate it, but ye i do have one..

  • Music that piss me off - like Beiber, Tokio Hotel n yeah..

  • Spiders - ye hate those creeps...

  • People saying they got x talent but brings 0

  • People I am not able to read or understand

  • Beer - I do like ice cold beer, but it's not tasting good for very long,
    and I'd rather have JD.

  • Judging People - simple innit?

  • People who know they are cute and uses it -
    fx, Christofer Drew Ingle, or Justin Beiber... Sry girls.. i really can't stand it..

  • People who can't accept or agree, that someone got certin talent just be cause it's "in" to hate them.

  • Strange people... on the street... weird people..


I Really can't be bored enough to do the full list.. so just naming a few favorits ATM:

Asking Alexandria, Underoath, LIGHTS, Silverstein, Shinee.

I did said a few..


Random facts about me... yay!.

Doing my own coding and graphics. - geeky geeky.
Plays the Piano - Not alot, but meh.

Taking singing Lessons - done for about 2½ years now.

Way more innocent that i seem/sound like - it's true tbh >_< sigh.

Got Drivers License - woom woom.

Got no car... - waa waa..

Been a film editor - media fan boy

Favorit color = Purple - oh yea.

Doesn't masturbate - random enough for you? wanna know why? <_< ask..

Been skinny as fuck - true story xD

Got snakebite - want more...

Got a Crown tattoo.. - want ALOT more

Favorit dog = Serbien Husky - so.. cool..

Loves Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts

Rarly sleeps - ZzzZ

This is my 2nd VF account - Old one is boring..

Hates facebook.. yet i got one - sad is it not?

Strawberry - <333

Love Musicals - epic stuff

Favorit Movie = Sweeny Todd - Musical + movie + awsome director + awsome actors + awsome songs + awsome style..

Favorit Musical = Jakyll & Hyde

Been in the "culture" for 7 almost 8 years now - aww i remember my first eyeliner..

Thinks 3d is crap.. - f avatar... really.. look what it have done.

Born in USA (CA), moved to DK - :x such boring ppl here..

Part Japanese, American n Danish - mix pot huh...

If You read this fact n tell me, and i'll vote you a 10 x) - if i haven't already.

Used to practice Parkour - untill it became a trend at it ruined the "art" in it for me. - yayay hipster hurr.

Loves you alot for reading this - One of the few people actualy reading profiles now days <33

Gotta be Really bored since i do this - Also why i will end this now..

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