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Making 2018 my bitch _haze_
Legendary Tinapa Squad w/Malditah and SulisRayne
Once upon a Loco Moco Crusade Vella6660
Potato + Buddie = Spuddie xVampurr
Main BbyG who heartagram ASsalute my name xVampurr
Potato Squad w/xVampurr Christoph_m
Spuddie 2 Christoph_m
Sneak a drink of his Rum and Vodka under his blanket, SHH Shagz
Cuddle Monster Shagz
Watch out Chinese Buffets and Marvel Films, Here we come rofl HybridTheory
Foodies hype fo life w/ Zaraki
Boopski anoniie
Jamming to 90s and 00s music in the car w/mami xOeX
Can't go wrong w/Bewbs and Food xOeX
Admires the utmost divine yourdeathsdesire
Babycakes Enlightener
Freak like me, Lives after midnight, halestorm-ing w/ TormundGiantsbane
Marina Diamandis fan girling til the end with ShadowAmour
Drooling over Palaye Royale w/ ShadowAmour
Booty Bongo Trio w/xVampurr and xfallenxlostx
Manager of the Booty Bongo Trio jet
Blowing bro's mind til the end of time jet
Fond of the Hot Marshmallowy goodness Ferrum-Aeternum
Apart of the undead Tea Party Ferrum-Aeternum
Still my cup of tea :hearts xfallenxlostx
honorary Potatocakes to the Potato Squad xfallenxlostx
Despicable Me Minion Daddy :shmoopy mind-over-matter
Livin' Aloha w/bradduh Inkednloved
Forever drooling Food Stealing Nugget retrotoons
Grows some Basil for Hazel :teehee retrotoons
Wants to go Gothing w/ battleangel
Ruing Life n' Love walking Dead amongst them Necrosis_Synthesis
:smug Up to no good w/ Utherial
Flower girl with a Bazooka filled with flowers ready to fire at the Wedding of cakey and xnecrophiliacx
Infinity and Beyond list as Happathy
Xena Warrior Princess Sisterhood spifffylisa
Fembots w/ spifffylisa
Best Fraaaaan RodTheEvil
NocTurns-it-up :highfive LostBoyD
Still whippin' my ass into 2018 :shmoopy yourdeathsdesire
Heals my Soul with music :dance Hedwig
Totally Spies Clover spifffylisa
Peanut butter Buddy Utherial
Doesn't need to be owned, owns up to himself, actually Annabeth owns your affection :gooby OutcastRaven
Lingerie Mistress j_jealousy
Loves it when he sasses me :daydream :spank Sass me some more! :rofl xnecrophiliacx
Superstitious Sisters xShiroiKokoro
My left hand woman xShiroiKokoro
My right hand woman spifffylisa
My Canadian Cup of Tea Spacebetweenletters
Oh my East Side Pinay~ SulisRayne
Whips up those artery clogging burgers for enibucnoc
The ice Queen who ate my kebab Cosmetic
Lilo and Stitch spifffylisa
Fairy GodSister IndustrialFire
Makes my floral curtain into a flag and burns it with battleangel
Girl Crush Nekro_Nexxus
Plotting to kidnap Finlay
That one angel that the Devil himself gaurds Malignant-Divinity
Foodgasms with ShatteredHeartofIce
Gives me the feels of reaping my soul The_Necromantic
Fable Squad IndustrialFire
Fable meme-ber Bearded__Ninja
Hazelnut on this Valentine's Day 2018 _haze_
Binges tubs of Chocolate Fudge Truffle Gelato w/ TheGreyArea
The Godfather LycanNinety
Love me some cup of boobichino Bearded__Ninja
Sugar Jugs Bearded__Ninja
Lets get Drunk Karaoke buddy TheGreyArea
Stitch enibucnoc

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