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Latest Journal Entry: Friends list   November 09, 2014, 08:22am
Well there is not much to say about me. i am a bit of a geek. i live with my mother and our three cats, it used to be me mum and my sister but my sister died this year. i am a huge fan of dr who, i remember as a kid watching the old episodes after all the kids shows were over. i am a nice girl who is looking for a guy with similar interests as me. i find it hard to find people into the same things as me in the real world so i am hoping i find someone here. i have been on vf since i was 15. i have completely changed my profile since i have grown out of my over the top vampire phase and being attracted to guys who "look like vampires". i still like vampires but not the same way i did then. the things i would like in a guy are: . not too skinny, i like my men with meet on their bones . a guy who wont judge me if i put on weight and doesnt care that im not skinny or have a perfect body . share some interests in things i like . smart but wont make me feel stupid . loves to eat, im a good cook . must be in australia (preferably in NSW) truth is i dont get out much since leaving highschool and it can get a little lonely
vampires, my three cats ,graphic novels,magic, assassins creed, dr who, star trek. i am slowly collecting every season of both series. sci fi, world of warcraft
people who only message me because they like my photo and egnor the no skypeing. people who judge me because im not as "pretty" as them or dont give people the chance to get to know eachother better
Favorite Music
skillet, chameleon circuit (a band that sings songs about dr who), alice cooper, celtic thunder (my sister got me into that) broadway musicals