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Status: Yes I still live ^_^
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Sex: female
Age: 29
Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States
Orientation: Bisexual
Married to: SuicidePanda
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Member since: January 26, 2011
Last logged in: August 04, 2013, 06:03pm
Occupation: Dominatrix
Account Status: Free Account
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I am a very nice person until given a reason otherwise, then I am the biggest bitch and will be your enemy even long after death. I don't put up with FAKE people. I will NOT waste my time with you. If you feel the need to talk shit about me, do it all you want. You're just pathetic. I have had a very rough life in the past. I used to do drugs and drink all the time. I don't remember a day without drinking. I am clean now. I don't do drugs and I drink rarely. I've never felt healthier. I hate my past, but I wouldn't be the person I am today. I would like to think that I have learned from my mistakes. I try my hardest to make others happy that mean a lot to me, but I don't always succeed. I have mood swings more than a normal person should. I have a strong passion for makeup and skin care. I am not on here to look for any thing other than to find new friends. People to chill and hangout with, nothing more. If you do have bad habbits, that's fine, just do it on your own time. I do not care to be around it. So if you think you can handle that and live in San Antonio/ Austin, TX please feel free to message me or whatever. Even if you don't live in the same city, state, or country we can still be friends on here!! I like to chat! :) I DO NOT TAKE NUDES AND I DO NOT DO THE WHOLE CYBER SEX SHIT. IF YOU DARE ASK THE ANSWER WILL ALWAYS BE NOOOOO!!! AND GET THE FUCK OFF MY PAGE.
Water, food, music, dancing, guys, girls, sex, clothes, LOVE LOVE LOVE MAKEUP and fashion.
Fake people* Child abusers* Triaffic* Being sick* People who don't know how to take a goddamn hint*
Favorite Music:
I like a lot of music, but I enjoy industrial and electronic music the most.
Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/GinniferSlaughter

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