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The official blog of Zaracaz; The Dove of Stone
Status: That moment when you look at your Spotify Summary of 2014. Haha, I couldn't help but giggle when I saw this: http://vampirefreaks.com/picview.php?pic_id=49026384
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Sex: male
Age: 20
Location: Umeå, Västerbotten county, Sweden
Status: In a relationship
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Rating: 9.25
Rating points: 111
Member since: April 17, 2012
Last logged in: February 25, 2015, 07:30am
Occupation: Student, Songwriter, Pianist
Account Status: Free Account
Rated by: 12 people
Latest Journal Entry: Back with an "Uma Obscura" blog   October 01, 2014, 02:44pm

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*I am finally back on VF and I am updating my entire account*

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Music, Books, Poetry, Laugh, Studies, Friends,
Depression, Crying and Alternative.

Those are words to describe my life.
The Dove of Stone

About me

Age: 19
Sex: Male
Location: Sweden
Orientation: Open minded
Member Since: April 17, 2012
Occupation: Student, Songwriter
Relationship status: In a relationship

I'm from the northern parts of Sweden, Scandinavia.
I'm a student in human behavioural analysis at University of Umeå, one of the largest universities in northern Scandinavia. I've grown up on the countryside right next to the forests of Northern Sweden, but since I moved in September 2014 I've been living in the city of Umeå. And even tho' I live in the city, I still do enjoy the nature, and walks and bikerides during the cool evenings and nights that helps me to clear my mind and just let everything go.

I'm more of a observing person who wants to meet new people and make new friends. And as a friend, I am a good listener and loyal to them who doesn't shoos me off, but I'll be there if they want me back. I've always been quite calm and not that kind of person who doesn't make a lot of noise and my best friends calls me a good listener and "down to earth". I would be glad if someone would like to talk, share intrests or just chit-chat about anything that pops up in mind.
Feel free to add me if you like, until then...
See ya around, peace out.


The Dove of Stone
This is my own blog about my life, what's happening and a place for me to clear my head of things. Since the start of University, I've been more active on there. Stay tuned if you wish, feel free to like, spread and follow if you want to.

Our Voice
This is a blog where anyone who wants to have someone to talk to can go and talk private to me or someone of the co-workers. I've always wanted to help people and this is our way to offer you personal support from teenagers who have been trough depression and similar things.


~ Likes ~
Music, piano, guitar, songwriting, writing, alternative, subcultures, fashion, art, reading, nature, photography, my beloved cat Simson
As well as people who:
Respect others for who they are, are truthful, accepting

~~ Dislikes ~
Spiders, having to dress or act in a certain way to fit in, being labelled, Have to prove who I am (nationality, etnicity, interests etc.)
As well as people who:
Lies, stab others in the back, throws out empty threats, think they know better, degrades other people, refuse to listen, eats really loud, are over the top brats.


~ Music ~
Music I listen to is mainly Symphonic metal, Gothic metal, Gothic Symphonic metal.
Take a look at my music stats from Spotify of 2014 right here.
~ Delain, Epica, Halestorm, Nightwish, We are the fallen, Within Temptation ~
~ Sabaton, Jay Smith, Black Sabbath, Primal fear, Six feet under ~


Favorite Music:
Gothic Metal, Symphonic metal,
Piano/power-ballads, Classical
Homepage: http://zaracaz.wordpress.com
Link 1: http://xzaracazx.tumblr.com

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