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Status: I love my boyfriend so much ^_^ heh.
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Sex: female
Age: 22
Location: Carson, Nevada, United States
Orientation: Straight
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Admires: buzz606
In a relationship with: buzz606
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Member since: October 13, 2011
Last logged in: December 28, 2013, 11:46am
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This Is All About Me!

↓ ↓ ↓

God Made Me A Cannibal To Fix Problems Like You! RAWR!! xD

Call me Yuki (^-^)

Birthday: Jan. 4th

Eye Color: Brown

Occupation: Being A Pretty Doll (^_-)☆

Desire: ...

Boyfriend: PrinceFound<3

Girlfriend None

I am the type of girl that will laugh at anything. Regardless of how perverted, demented, or stupid it is.

I'm Shy In Person

I'm Shy/nervous Talking On The Phone

I Love The Rain

I Like Scary Movies

I Like To Feel Wanted/Loved

I ♥ Piercing And Tattoos

I Like Walking Down The Streets At Night

I Love Anime

I Love Animals

I'm Pretty Easy To Get Along With

I Don't Do Drugs

I Don't Like People That Don't Read My Page

I Get Bored Easily

I'm Trustworthy And Loyal

I Throw Things When I'm Mad

I'm Annoying

I Don't Like People Tell Me What To Do

People Seem To Think I Have An Attitude

I Basically Hate Everything About Myself

I Hate Liars

I Hate Being Lied To

I Hate Cheaters

I Whine About Everything

Losers Who Say They Hate Fakes (Its Annoying!)

I Daydream To Much

It Doesn't Take Alot To Make Me Happy

I Complaine Alot

I'm Scared Of Dying

I'm Very Easily Hurt

I Fall For People To Easily

I Can Be Pretty Insecure Around People

ȯWrite Random Comics(someone needs to be the artist)

ȯGo To College!

ȯGraduate College

ȯAttend A Vans Warped Tour With Friends

ȯBe A Model

ȯBe An Extra in A Movie

ȯTravel Abroad

ȯGet Over My Fears

ȯGo To Anime Conventions!

ȯMaster At Lease Five Languages!

ȯBe An Owner Of A Business

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