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Sex: female
Age: 23
Location: Rochester, New York, United States
Orientation: Straight
Status: In a relationship
Member since: August 17, 2007
Last logged in: Invisible
Occupation: All Over The Place
Account Status: Free Account
Latest Journal Entry: Nook   October 29, 2014, 11:22pm







New York


Claimed Since: 03/28/2010




"Don't Take Life Too Serious, No One Makes It Out Alive Anyway."

Fun fact

VF Member since 2004 Goblins
Before I start, the thing I find the most pathetic on this site or any site, is people threatening others. No need for cyber fights lovelies.


It is always so hard for me to come up with something that will interest people. I always write too much, which ends up boring my readers or write not enough for people to bother. So, I will try my best.


I come from a loveable nuclear family, well more like a lovable mother who has played both the mother and father role since I was 4 months old. Both my mother and grandmother have been encouraging me to become the best at anything I set my mind to do. If it weren’t for both, I would have ended up somewhere unimaginable.


I tend not to have many friends. They come and go as each day passes. I have had a few best friends, but it always ends up the same. Jealousy, hatred, and betrayal.


When I look back at my past, I miss it. Stress-free, happy days. I miss sitting on my bed on a snowy day pretending I was in a ship. I miss my singing days in the showers. I miss one page paper double spaced for classes. I miss being pampered. But aside from all this, I’m content.


So, feel free to comment me. I like meeting new people. I also comment everyone back and rate everyone back. Do not leave me comments with just a rating or a sup, I will not comment back. I also do not reply to sexual comments. Don't give me your number or screen name for cams because I will ignore you. I removed rates because it got boring. I don't care about highest ranks, I just like talking to people. For those of you who have came this far, thank you.


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