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im a... playa, yous a....hata, see you...lata, tryna be down but you neva be down so dont come around here!! play,playa,hata,hata,latas,latas, you cant fade us!! ladies ladies lovely ladies shake them daisies drive us crazy!!!!
Status: To whoever is named sick puppy your comment on my pic did you no good especially since you blocked me before I could respond. I wasnt looking for attention its called a fucking modeling portfolio andthat just so happened to be one of them btw yes they are thunder thighs but ill have you know I now weigh a whopping 93 lbs and no long have those legs or ass that I wish I had again also when that pic was taken I was postpartum 2 months so yeah I had a little chub so fucking what you little twat. Everyone is beautiful no matter how big or small so go stuff a big dick in your mouth amd swallow that cum youve begged for. Cum guzzling fuck face!
Sex: female
Age: 23
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Hi there I'm Lexi, I'm from this piece of shit oil boom town in bum fucked Egypt. Sarcastic but rational saying from my parts; quite literally, if the mosquito was our state bird, it would anialate all of human kind and make earth their kingdom in which the only survivors become slaves.... ahahaha yeah I pretty much wish this place would burn in hell. Yeah I know I'm rambling on about shit that probably doesn't matter, but what can I say I'm a stoner and proud of it. Many of my conversations though, are based off logic. It may come across funny to you, but I just might be serious enough to call your bluff, but in the end I'm just messing with you and being the sarcastic bitch my parents raised me to be. People judge too often. That's why they dont succeed, but if people would really just sit down smoke a j and relax they'd be more observant of thier surroundings and learn a lot more of not only the people they hang around, but it can also open your eyes to a whole new world. A peaceful world where no one took opinion too seriously. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, no not everyone always agrees with each other, but respect goes a long way in someones eyes and not a single soul can tell me it doesn't. Even the meanest and rudest people have a heart they just haven't gotten the right attention. Anyways; my point before i go off any longer, if you want to talk to me know this, I'm a peaceful person but I do have boundaries I don't hold grudges and I can and will be the greatest friend you've ever had. Please respect the plant I don't like the downtalk if you don't want to keep peace I suggest you dont talk to me. Well I suppose if you want to get to know me more and possibly figure out my mysterious ways, which I doubt you can cuz even the most observant, radiant, outstanding, and sophisticated genius can't put my puzzle together; but if you do I will give you the benefit of the doubt and go on to praise you for your fine work. I have 2 babies, SaydieAnn and David. I couldn't imagine life without them.
I very much dislike improper grammar, they tought us english for a reason. Another thing I don't like is being pointed down on because I smoke weed. So what, like anyone gives a crap, it's a fucking plant. It's a lot better than smoking ciggarettes or drinking beer. I don't recall there being any reports of death, disease, or traumatising things caused by weed. Honestly, I think the government is afraid of losing control of society if they leglized weed. I smoke to their death of drinking habits, that fill their liver with toxins; that will shrivel like balloons and they will die a slow and painful death. I shall die in peace for freeing my body, and when I die I will laugh in their faces!!! I also hate people who fuck with me or my family so don't try.
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