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Status: Only eat medicine and never be sick again! Guaranteed!
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one must accesorise until there is nothing real left
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Sex: male
Age: 93
Location: edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Rating: 10.00
Rating points: 50
Member since: February 22, 2005
Last logged in: October 23, 2014, 03:28pm
Account Status: Free Account
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Hi everyone! [^ -0] Thanks for stopping by to check out my profile. Gee, I'm such a big deal! Please feel free to message me :) Hopefully after reading this you will know a bit more about me and maybe you will understand why I love Satan so much!
At primary school, I generally sat alone, talking to myself about Teenage Mutant Hero (or “ninja” for the uncensored) Turtles. Days turned into years and the next thing I knew I had to decide what I was going to do with my life at 18 years old. Since primary school, teenage mutant hero turtles had turned to Street Fighter 2, to Star Trek, to FHM cover girls, to heavy metal, eventually I ended up thinking only about one thing, the only logical thing left – Satan!
Since universities tend not to deliver a high standard of Satan related education, I decided to go into Computer science type stuff instead.
This was very boring.
I eventually left the course as I realised that because computers are man made, they are consequentially - shit.

here's a special treat for you - you can see my twitter : bowlonastick

Also, I'm not actually a satan worshipper guys. I mean c'mon haven't you seen Rosemary's baby?
The failure of others, anime, fishnets, make up, kissing, writing, horror, silent hill, laughing, smart weird subversive comedy, smart weird subversive people.
Violent spasms resulting in death. Things getting in my eyes. People getting in my face. Eyes getting in my things. Faces getting in my people. Permutations. and games shitting workshop, christ!
Favorite Music:
Loads and loads of really, really shit music.
Link 1: http://myspace.com/rottinglaughter

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