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Sex: male
Age: 27
Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Status: Single
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Member since: October 29, 2004
Last logged in: June 19, 2015, 06:44am
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Welcome to my world

My name is Baz

Press F11

I'm Baz, a British male currently studying programming at university Im twenty and a Scorpio.

I am Studying Batchlor of Science in Computing (Software Engineering) and do web-design and scripts to boost my knowledge (XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.0, Javascript, Java, C#).I also do music editing and graphical work for sites. My Pc is homemade and is my pride and joy. I am a geek. If you have a problem with that then hit Alt+F4.

You will most likely find me rooting through some code of some sort and yes i do help people but don't expect me to help you. I mainly help friends, but you can always try. I despise the way the world has become. Females acting like wenches to try impress men. Men treating women like personal toys. It sickens me.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
I much prefer intelligent comments then about my profile. I know my profiles good. My Flash was better, but as web designers know. Design for the whole audience. Not just the elite. If you do challenge my opinion though be prepared to be challenged. I will not back down unless proven indisputably wrong. My opinions are rarely proven wrong.


Music: Operation Blade - Un4given-goth Edit
Flash Version

Most of my joys in life are around my computer. I love my music and destroy my ears with a 140w system that's ever-growing. My computer is also ever growing.

I am a huge FPS gamer and at this moment have 56 games installed on my computer (and it still runs sweet).

I quite enjoy cycling and pushing my body to its limits. Beats shopping with a car i'll tell you.

I dislike many things. Smoking is something i stay away from both tobacco and drugs. I despise all drugs in all forms of the word. It is a rarity for me to drink as i hate the way it makes people. Makes it easy to take advantage of people and makes times people regret.

I hate having no one to talk to on msn at four in the morning. We all crave interaction in some form so that is normal. I dislike being in groups. It makes me paranoid.

Girls who try too hard puzzle me. Why try show of cleavage or make your self up for a self-obsessed pig who sees you for one thing and your only backing up that thought dressing the way you are. I'd much rather you come as you are normally and have a nice talk. Too much to ask?

I absolutely love my music. And i love it loud. Helps me escape and drown out the rest of the world. My taste is too expansive to list. My collection currently stands at over nine thousand tracks which is about twenty days constant music. And is always growing.

When i say it varies i mean it. I have ace of base from the old days. The Classics like Iron Maiden and Sabbath. Gothic opera in the form of Lacuna coil and Nightwish. Cradle of filth and Lamb of God taking the heavy slot. DJ Satomi representing the dance.

The Cardigans, Scum of the Earth, Slipknot, Sonta Artica, Two Umlinited, Combichrist. You cant get a more spread taste.



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