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~To sleep, perchance to dream...
Status: I have furry minions of DOOM!
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I want this as a tattoo PERMANENTLY!
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Sex: female
Age: 33
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Engaged
Member since: May 10, 2005
Last logged in: March 28, 2015, 03:24am
Occupation: Supervisor @ Tim Hortons
Account Status: Free Account


About Me

I have rates off because I found it more annoying than anything
I get way too bored way too easily. I also get annoyed easily. In cases where I am crabby, I am not going to really say much. I also get sick of computers and will stop doing anything on a computer. Sadly I am too hooked to computers to stay away for long. I try and stay positive though, and in most cases I stay positive, but in some cases I just want to go to bed and just forget about everything.
When I am not at work or sleeping, I am watching TV or playing video games. I only invite some of my friends over and some days don't want any visitors. I am a loner at heart and sometimes it takes all of my energy to socialize. I am getting better though, and that brings on more days where I just want to be around people non-stop. I can't explain why, I just do. But then when I have had my fill of socializing I go back to being a hermit. I have a couple real things that I love doing and will never stop loving. I love to write, mostly poetry but I hope one day to write a novel or series of novels and have them published.
I also am basically a fish. I love to swim. I would love to have a pool or live by a lake. If I had one wish, I would wish that I could breathe under water. I also LOVE to dance and wish I could take dance lessons. My hours at work however, really make that hard. Would be a great way to shed the pounds though!
I Love body modifications, but only have a few. For now I just have two tattoos and an offside lip piercing at 14g. I am looking forward to getting more tattoos, but too broke.
Anything else? Maybe join a cult I am in, or ask me an intelligent question and I will answer honestly.

My Likes

Magic the Gathering
Winning Magic games!
Video Games
Elliptical Trainer in the gym
The daily exercise I get in just getting to and from work
Sex toys and parties
Stripy Socks
Fishnet or Spider web Stockings
Platform Boots
Witchy Shoes
Leather and Vinyl
Pretty Girls
Happy Bunny
Long nails
Long hair
Hair falls/Dreads
Different cultures
Jonathon Bowser's art
Roy Henry Vicars art
Chicken Noodle Soup (but not the canned shit)
Comfort food when I am stressed or sick (soup and sammich)
Old cartoons/shorts (from 1940's-1980's)

My Dislikes

People who intentionally cause violence or cause harm to other people or animals. Hurting kids and animals makes me angrier than anything else you can do.
Peds and Sex offenders
People who can't admit when they are wrong
Long work hours
Not having a car
This quitting smoking business...
Losing Magic games
Cats fighting (I was badly injured by a cat once. Took 2 years to fully heal)
Rude co-workers who complain about stupid stuff
POT (fucking skunk shit)
Smelly people
People who never listen the first fucking time I say something! Or the second!!
Work in general (I need a new job)
Overly photoshopped photos
Fakes and liars

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My Cults

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