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"Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker."
Status: Wonder if I have any distant relatives still living in Italy?? *ponder
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Sex: male
Age: 35
Location: Planet Druidia, Georgia, United States
Orientation: Undecided
Friends with: Tanya_Rae
Wants to kill: The_Pyromantic
In a cult with: -Trickster-
In a cult with: MetalMaiden
Fantasizes about: Velora
Buddies with: KrazyBeautiful
Rating: 10.00
Rating points: 140
Member since: July 08, 2006
Last logged in: Invisible
Occupation: Full Time Daydreamer
Account Status: Premium Member
Rated by: 14 people
Latest Journal Entry: Goodbye to another lengend   February 27, 2015, 03:29pm



Name: Brad/Bradlee
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 225 lbs.
D.O.B. (Date of Birth): Nov 2nd, 1979
P.O.B. (Place of Birth): Lakewood, CA
Marital Status: Divorced

Pure and Savage Lust
Youth Entombed in Rust
Rape me of my Life
Overt the Gleaming Knife
Merge and then Unfold
Achings Hot and Cold
Neath the Pitch Black Sky
These Tears Will Never Die
In This Realm I Live For You
Chaotic Demon Running Through
Acrostic Poem written by Me © 2005

Let's See...I'm stubborn, I'm moody, I'm pessimistic, I'm mellodramatic, and I'm paranoid...So, Do you want to be friends now? To put it another way...I'm an enigma. I'm a shadow of a soul who thrives off of questioning and new experience. I do have a kind heart, but a very high fence around it that I will only allow those who gain my trust to see. I suppose you could say I'm your typical Hopeless Romantic. I Live to Love, though Love will have nothing to do with me. I am not on this site to find love, or partners with which to share sexual endeavors. I am here to meet and greet other like-minded individuals who share my common interests. I may come off as a stern and menacing fellow. But if you get to know me a little bit. You'll find in actuality, I'm a very laid back, somewhat nerdy and occasionally obnoxious kinda guy. Yes, I have been known in the past to go to great lengths by making a complete Jackass out of myself just for a few cheap laughs. Making others laugh at my own expense is one passion I've always had in life ever since I was old enough to crawl. I am a musician, not a great one, but I am one. I mess around on keyboards/synths mainly, and also can play guitar (a little).......And...I think that's about all I'm willing to share about myself for now. If you wish to know some other tidbits about me, please do not hesitate to ask.

~~My Family/Friends~~, ~~Music~~, ~~Movies~~, ~~Anime~~, ~~Walking the beach shores at night~~, ~~Women~~, ~~Full Moons~~, Harley Davidson's~~, ~~Poker~~, ~~Lightning~~, ~~Wild Animals (Wolves Especially)~~, ~~The Paranormal~~, ~~Science Fiction~~, ~~Space Exploration~~, ~~Eroticism~~, ~~Cocktails~~, ~~Red Wine~~, ~~Kool-Aid~~, ~~Sharp Objects~~, ~~Model Train Sets~~, ~~Pierced Boobies~~, ~~Poetry~~, ~~Sugar~~, ~~Lasagna~~, ~~Cheesecake~~, ~~Sleeping~~, ~~My Alone Time~~, ~~Red Meat~~, ~~Art~~, ~~Tattoos~~, ~~Stripteases~~, ~~Darkness~~, ~~Cemetaries~~, ~~Writing~~, ~~Playing Music~~, ~~Jet Fighters~~, ~~Hot Showers~~, ~~Sexy Lingerie~~, ~~Bubble Baths~~, ~~Anonymity~~, ~~White Chocolate~~, ~~Photography~~, ~~Cartoons~~, ~~Long Hair~~, ~~Dark/Alluring/Enchanting Eyes~~, ~~Singing~~, ~~Screaming~~, ~~Cranking my amp all the way up to "11"~~.....(ect)

~~Disrespect~~, ~~Dishonesty~~, ~~Gold Diggers~~, ~~Reality Shows~~, ~~Trendiness~~, ~~Politics~~, ~~Waiting for Long Periods of Time~~, ~~Anxiety Attacks~~, ~~Post Offices~~, ~~Chatrooms~~, ~~Snobs~~, ~~Sunlight~~, ~~Dressing Up~~, ~~Obsessive People~~, ~~Stalkers~~, ~~Religion~~, ~~P30P7e WH0 TiPe Lyk3 Th1s, ~~Large Crowds~~, ~~Shopping~~, ~~Heinekens~~, ~~The Word "Spiffy"~~, ~~Getting out of Bed~~, ~~Attention Whores~~, ~~Fake People~~, ~~Junkies~~, ~~School~~, ~~Authority~~, ~~Popularity~~, ~~Underage Smokers~~, ~~Jealousy~~.....(ect)

Favorite Music:
My taste in music is very extensive. I listen to all sorts of different stuff. The list of bands I like is huge, So I'm not gonna bother trying to list them all. Genres of music I listen to include: Metal, Classical, Classic Rock, Punk, Gothic, Folk Rock, Grunge/Alternative/Indie Rock, Oldies, Industrial, Ambient, 80's Pop/New Wave, Synth Pop, Electronica, Celtic, Hip Hop/R&B, New Age, Video Game Music...(and anything else that might catch my ear.)

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