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male, 39
Near Fort Huachuca , Arizona
United States
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These eyes have witnessed the darkest depths of the human soul. I can never go back to the way I was, I just have to push on. I like what everyone else likes, the company of someone else shared in intimate moments when nothing else matters. I dislike people who have nothing better to do than to oppress others. Those that exploit the weaknesses of others to hide their own.
I like spending time with friends, tattoos, piercings, video games, chatting with strangers, flirting, everything Japanese, making people smile, honesty whether it's good or bad, drift racing and eating all kinds of food. If I give props or comment it could be for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes I like the artistry of the pic, other times it can be the location, person, outfit, editing, really anything. I like different people for different reasons, some intellectual and some more carnal. I have no problems with people adding me as a friend, I only ask that you at least message me or something as well. I never know what to make of people that just add me and never comment, message, rate or anything. It just seems like a selfish effort on your part. I'm looking for friends I can see offline too. I don't mind driving a few hours or even taking a quick flight if it means a change of scenery and some new friends. I guess anywhere from San Diego to El Paso and up to Vegas is fine by me. Anything outside that range is debatable too so don't be afraid to ask.
I'm not drug friendly, think Juggalos are a confused herd of people and don't like liars or cheaters. I'm really not liking the censorship that has been going on lately. It seems like every time I write a long drawn out comment, I send it to find out the user no longer exists.
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Depends on my mood and what I plan on doing.