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Swordsman, psychologist, photographer, gentleman thief
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The Grant, and yes, that is a penguin straight from the camera Daaaan ta Margate
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Sex: male
Age: 37
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Orientation: Straight
Rating: 9.85
Rating points: 1911
Member since: May 31, 2008
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Latest Journal Entry: Pistols at Dawn   February 08, 2016, 03:40pm

Shall I begin like David Copperfield?

I was born... I grew up.

Or shall I begin when I was born to darkness.

I think I shall do neither, for I am no Brat Prince strutting through unlife.

I have walked from London to Ely and back again in mere moments. Eaten pheasant with Dickens and toasted the Empire in pubs older than America. I have smelt horse-sweat mere yards from where clubbers are vomited onto the streets. I can raise swords with the best of Shakespeare's Globe.

I stride across London Below when it pleases me. I have walked Down Street and spent nights with the Velvets. There is also more than a hint of Urban Gothic to me.

I drink, I dance and I love. I am alive, a blood cell driven the beating heart of my City. Protected by Glory and her kind and revelling in the barely controlled chaos of 8 million souls.

I am a magician, the dance of the coins and cards in talented fingers contain several different levels of beauty. And only one of them is available to the viewer.

Do not mistake me for a vampire. I am much, much more than that... If I were supernatural, I would have soot coated wings, a bottle of wine and dance with dearest Soho and all the other pretty ladies of this City.

I am much more than so many of you will ever be. However, I am willing to consider offers of worship, servitude and adoration.

This beautiful City. The art and the knowledge stored within. The hustle and bustle of 8 million souls all with their own song.

Duelling. I do not pose with swords out of gothy pretensions. I am learning 16th and 17th century English fencing, involving use of the backsword, the rapier and the quarterstaff. However I also have a passing familiarity with medieval German and Italian longsword techniques. I may even start learning some Victorian martial arts and fight like Sherlock Holmes.

In fact, the world is too wondrous to list all that I like about it. There is beauty in almost anything, you just have to slow down and open your eyes.


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