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Men should only want to change one thing about a girl, her last name.
Status: Boy: Grandma, have you seen my pills? They were labelled LSD.
Grandma: Fuck the pills. Have you seen the dragons in the kitchen.
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Sex: male
Age: 23
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Orientation: Gay
Status: Single
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Occupation: Model
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Welcome to my page where fairies and clowns run a muck and little children get eaten and where GODDESS Tyler owns all

As i sit here dwelling over the countless thoughts, drinking Jim beam and inhaling the smoke that kills me within inside.

Let me introduce my self, im Tyler Chayton, to this current date i am 18 and i am Virgo, dont judge me by my character i portray, judge me by who i am, life couldn’t be more grand than what it is now, i live and full-fill my dreams, i dont back down, i may land on my knees every once in a blue moon but before you know it ill be standing up, kicking and screaming through all the “Bullshit” life has to bring, yes i am an Alien, i don't have flaws nor emotions,i am a pleasant flamboyant character, and i'll continue to do what i do without hesitation.

Life is a mystery and everyone must stand alone As “Madonna” sung, every morning when i wake and open those curtains i say to myself “todays another day show me what you have got installed”, i walk around with my shoulders perched back and head held high, i am proud to be who i am and everything i do, no i dont apologize for anything in life i do because a sorry is never enough as it is to late to apologize as it cannot be undone, it may make people feel like their loved when someone apologizes but deep down they know they’ll never let go of what happened and when the chance is open they’ll be quick to throw the knife straight into your chest.

You, them and myself do have “Skeletons in the closet”, some remain within in and some are willing to express themselves, yet some use it as an excuse to get further in life so people feel sincere for them but you cannot pull any mask over my face because i see life as equal its a blank page everyday you must fill the page and continue to do so so when life gives in people can look over and correct the mistakes.

Love - what an excuse some of you find true love, but in society we just “Fuck, Suck and Run” excuse my vulgarity but you want honesty and im going to be honest, love is a cruel and twisted word but yet warm and devoted; i haven’t had my turn of true love yet but some day i’ll stumble across it and cherish it with everything i have, but till this day and many more days i will still label myself “A-sexual” as sex and relationships dont fascinate me because of society today.

Life is how we take it, no its not planned this is why we call it “Destiny” people use “religion” but i haven’t found any proof to believe in religion so to be what you is/is to be what you are, Everyday i will be releasing a new blog, Explaining “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

I am also a Model and a fucking fierce one at it, I'm Australia's most achieved, i'm a make-up artist, Red carpet queen and Australia's most prettiest Androgynous drag queen.

MALES! , Modeling, makeup, credit cards, heels, Hair - extensions, tan's, beach, sex, Alcohol, smoking and last of all The vampire diaries and what not.
Homophobia, judgmental people, people who question my intentions, "bitches" who think they can take me on, Liars, cheaters, sadistic people, Girls who think their Queen bee when they clearly kno, im hotter.
Favorite Music:
I'm the Pop Queen of the 21st generation, im a 80's pop listener as well at the 21st century listener, i like to groove baby, get my dicsostick on and p-p-p-poke his face.
Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/TylerChayton
Link 1: http://www.youtube.com/TheAshtonKaulitz
Link 2: http://www.twitter.com/TylerChayton
Link 3: http://www.modelmayhem.com/OfficalTylerChayton

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