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Tag team world champion with battleangel
Wants to be kidnapped by Gothic_Jess
Dances with the devil in the pale moonlight with KakeSexX
Draws me like one of her French girls with SulisRayne
Whines to _haze_
blushes at KakeSexX
Would become Norwegian for KakeSexX
My close CLOSE native cousin ;) MadeInCanada007
Complains on the phone to Orchid
Singing the night away with _haze_
Party's like its 1999 with SulisRayne
My #1 Gnomie G Endless_Nameless
My Sun kissed sista SulisRayne
Sandwiching that white boy ass with SulisRayne
Winks seductively at Vamphetamine
Future ex wife Endless_Nameless
Gay friend that tells me I'm pretty SulisRayne
Has rough sex with TheGreyArea
secret service for ToHellWithHollywood
Tired of explaining to people were not a "thing" with SulisRayne
Q U E E N oF mY Bhole ClitoralMutilation
Cri wHen ShE ToUcH mi Bhole ClitoralMutilation
Consensually date rapes Vamphetamine
AssEaters Krew with MadeInCanada007
Makes me call her Dah sex Goddess Toxic1323
My little meanie pants lesbian ToHellWithHollywood
Will probably be suspended by battleangel
Going to win millions with Miss_Alecat
Feeds her peanut butter cups with Darkxdreamer
Oh hai senpie bork bork Moon-chan
Lives in a world of shit with Super-Shenuu

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