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God made weed, man made beer...in God we trust!
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My new Pitt- diesel :)
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Sex: male
Age: 30
Location: Springfield, West Virginia, United States
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
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Member since: May 08, 2012
Last logged in: May 08, 2015, 10:10am
Occupation: Musician - wood worker - land scaper - Audio Engineer
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Hey whats goin on? Names Michael but address me however you will! 29 years of age in the Aquarius sense and currently residing just outside of Romney WV up in the middle of a thousand some acres of mountains in my peaceful cabin on my five acre plot & 50 acre lake. Very anti drama with a deep open mind. Gears are always turning! Positive and making the best out of any given situation. My main kicks in life are music, friends, unconditional love (when taken committedly), and a strong case of OCD within my personal living space as well as enjoying the feeling of accomplishment..I love to keep things done and finish whatever I start.

Passions run deep within writing and performing music through guitar playing; Rock, love ballad &heavy metal fields (progressive metal/power metal), as some of you may recognize me from bands such as Absence of Mystery, Mortal Wrath (featured & reviewed as unsigned band of the month in High Times Magazine-June2011-page34), Dead Neighbors Society, Bury Me Breathing, Disaster on Impulse, Decay of Life, or even my solo music projects located on facebook and reverbnation.

Nature, seclusion, swimming, hiking, forms of art, traveling & being home bodied, gardening/land scaping are a few things I enjoy plus conversations on topics such as the universe, philosophy, conspiracy, Quantum based, esoteric, or even some cliché mainstream things as long as the other person likes to converse! Those topics anyhow attract my mind even though I'm not extremely well versed. I love learning things. Kind natured, mellow, hospitable, occasional life of the party-wild side, and fun loving. A lot of humor within my personality. Big on personal respect, trust, and can be a rather affectionate person all in all. The vibes one puts out are the vibes that will be drawn back in return is how I see it!

My build isn't absolutely ripped toned at the moment but for a description I'm 6'0" at 144lbs with blue eyes, dirty blond hair ( which my hair was long down to my ass until I had it cut in 2011). Eight Tattoos. DNA Double helix & chemical compound structure half sleeve on my left forearm, Japanese love symbol on my left shoulder, Blue flames on right wrist, Family crest on lower right shoulder, Symmetrical tribal dragons on upper right shoulder, Om symbol above that, Aquarius zodiac symbolism on my right upper torso and a portrait of my late best friend on my left leg.

Vegetarian since birth due to how my family raised me however I am not like most vegetarians out there that are easily grossed and judgmental; my humor usually exceeds that in jokes of whipping me up some steak, bitch! I'm not one to deem others different or judge for really any matter! Not much of an egotistical or bragger side to me that I know of! One can't properly self-analyze, I suppose! I rarely rarely drink anymore due to a liquor-caused brain surgery in 2009, however cigs have me captured and I become four-twenty herb friendly when writing music.

My band(s) and home studio project can be heard at:
and dads music memorial http://Facebook.com/davekirbymusic
Music, Guitars, tattoos, Art in general, Outdoors/Nature, Sunsets, Gardening/plants, Being secluded, Guitars, Snowboarding, being open minded, 420,World Rally Championship Racing, Exotic cars, family, like-minded people, tattoo's, Quantum Mechanics, Esoterica, Sacred Geometry, Astrology, Astronomy, and any book by "Manley P. Hall", staying healthy, active and in shape! ...I've got OCD so I pretty much love keeping my living space complete & cleaned. Babying my two pittbulls Ace & Sadie is fun - they're the most chill and loyal dogs
I'm not going to spend my time disliking shit, whats the point? Yeah everyone dislikes certain things but we all should focus on what is personally thought of as awesome and not even think about stuff we think sucks!

..that being said...(And look, I know to each their own so before anyone gets emotional and cries after reading this, take note that I don't judge people, so chill!)I can't deal with drama & negativity, cars that are over done with stupid graphics and aftermarket shit, rap, techno, "the norms of society", the "elite" of the world and their masonic agenda, drug abuse & drunks (dont get me wrong I'm far from straight edge, just think its better to party moderately- dont quit your drugs just don't do em enough to form habits or start doing stupid ass shit lol!), liars, atheists, people that bitch,complain, and whine all day long without knowing what a real problem in life is!
Favorite Music:
Well firstly: my fathers old One-man-band@ http://reverbnation.com/davekirby (rip dad)
Pagan's Mind, Dream Theater, Angra, Almah, Avenged Sevenfold, Mudvayne, Circus Maximus, Outworld, Kamelot, DGM, Into Eternity, Arch Enemy, Pink Floyd, Rush, Symphony X, Adagio, Steve Vai, Theocracy, Mors Principium Est, Judas Priest, Avantasia, Wintersun, Tool, Warmen, Queensryche, Arsis, Shadow Gallery, Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Canvas Solaris, Sonata Arctica, Kansas, Journey, Joe Satriani, Rob Marcello, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Outworld,Al DiMiola, Andromeda, Between The Buried and Me, and humbly: my band(s) Mortal Wrath - Absence of Mystery

Homepage: http://facebook.com/mwguitarist
Link 1: http://youtube.com/shredmetalmike
Link 2: https://fetlife.com/users/3234237
Link 3: http://www.meetme.com/mkirby

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