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Tao of the Machine

"Only those who keep changing remain akin to me" - Nietzsche
Status: Rot ist das neue Schwarz
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Tao artwork The upcoming Digital Riot frontcover The N.A.V. ep front cover Tao of the Machine EP front cover Stencill artwork
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Label: Deadknife Records
Label Type: indie
Location: Somewhere in Europe, Italy
Rating: 10.00
Rating points: 10
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Releases 2010 : 2011

Download inside the album when available

Digital Riot
Tao of the Machine EP
Neurologic Access Violation EP
This is for our rivetheads!
Tao Lab. Experimental und Weird

Our project was born in Genuary 2010. We are a duo and we met during our work. We came from quite different musical experiences, but we always had an interest for industrial sound. Our very first stuff was based on mixing, but really soon we started to work as producers with a lot of more satisfaction.
Our purpose is to make music for industrial clubs, so all our production is basically oriented to techno industial. We started with EBM, but we find really hard to be tied to only one style, so we started to influence it with drum and bass patterns, heavy distorted guitars and noise soundscapes. Somebody called that industrial crossover and from then we use this expression to define our production.

Some few people in this scene is too conservative to appreciate, but we usually got a great feedback from our listeners and other artists. We're so cool we even got a supporter girl squad!

We usually release our stuff for free. By now we've released a couple of EPs and got our tracks on some online compilations, online radios and regulary spinned by djs on some european dancefloors. We're actually working on a full album. We're active on remix side, we provide our kits to other artists and we remix for others whenever we can.

The programs we use the most are Reason and Ableton live. The live mixing is very important to us. Most of the times, even when we make studio tracks, we mix it live. We use a lot of hardware and we can build our very own midi controllers ;)

We've decided to move our web base on VF, but we're still pretty new in this community. Every comment, feedback or critics is very appreciated. You can always be sincere with us cause we firmly belive in our mission.

Legacy Love


Kiet Katharsis

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Green Fairy


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Evil Kitten

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Our affection and respect go to our supporter

Noize Magazine


Join our army on twitter now! Join our army on soundcloud now!


We're always looking for collaborators, remixes, new graphics, fan art, supporter girl and stuff.
If you want to work with us or just to show us some love, don't be shy, just contact us. We don't bite (too hard).
Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/taoofthemachineproject
Link 1: http://soundcloud.com/tao-of-the-machine

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