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Status: † † † the rivers of blood are flowing beneath our feet... I've been to hell, young man, you've only read about it † † †
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Sex: male
Age: 27
Location: United States
Orientation: Straight
In a relationship with: dragonswillow
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"When it's all over What will you have left? You'll still be incomplete Forgotten and depressed

You want acceptance It's all you wanted all along You want forgiveness From those who you have wronged"

Vampipe Hello passers by, welcome to my page! My name is Stevie, and I'll be your brief tour guide into my "about" section.

I am a 25 year old guitarist, vocalist, and functioning music and video producer currently based in Las Vegas Nevada. Currently I am working with my band Toxic for the Masses on our debut record. I have been working with music the majority of my life, and have worked in video production for the last 5 years. If you would like to view my video work, please search username "Someguy827" in YouTube, or just check out my videos on here. Outside of those fields, I work in Information Technology. Even the best of us have a day job :P If you would like to know about what I like and dislike, refer to their respective boxes on here, and if there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to IM or inbox me on here. Cheers! -Stevie


Intelligence is sexy, honesty makes me horny, and an artistic mind will get me off. Good alcohol. Quiet nights under the stars. Music creation. Ibanez and Dean guitars. Bassy, futuristic, and hard industrial. Ethereal and epic trance. Computers. Technology. Forests. Cathedrals. Rain. Thunder. Horror Films. The Novels of Dean Koontz and Stephen King. The philosophies of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche and the eponymous George Carlin. Germany and Japan. Individuals of a dark and inspired mind. The sound of female orgasms. The color combinations Black/Purple Black/Green Black/Red. Romanticism. Devin Townsend's mind and music. Chibi from The Birthday Massacre and how a woman with pigtails and an innocent grin will drive me mad.

photo 324479_the_birthday_massacre_chibi_music_gothic_indastria_1600x1203_wwwGdeFonru_zps2aa6f5ef.jpg


Extreme arrogance. Intolerance. Racism. Lying. Infidelity. Abuse of power. Onision. Abusers of women, men, children, and those of LGBT communities. Those who hurt animals may find solace under the crushing heel of my boots. Ironically, I strongly dislike PETA for claiming to work in best interest of helping animals, yet doing completely the opposite and killing 2/3's of the animals that they intake. Deception like that in my opinion should be criminalized. photo No-PETA_zpscb935da1.jpg



STEVIE CYBERNETIK favorite movies

Music is the life blood that flows through my ears and into my veins. I am a fan of all types of music, spare modern/any country...aside from Johnny Cash of course. Artists that stand among the list however, include Deadsy, The Birthday Massacre, Fear Factory, Type O Negative, Dir en Grey, Razed in Black, NiN.

STEVIE CYBERNETIK favorite music

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Homepage: http://www.steviecybernetik.webs.com/
Link 1: http://www.youtube.com/StevieCybernetik010
Link 2: http://www.youtube.com/someguy827
Link 3: http://www.dragon-dude.deviantart.com

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