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Label: Wind-Up Records
Label Type: indie
Location: United States
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STEFY is a band with the energy of No Doubt, and an incredibly sexy front woman, Stefy Rae, who combines the brashness of Pink and the commanding stage presence of Debbie Harry. Rae is bold and captivating as the focal point of the electro-infused rock band, STEFY. Whether singing about moving on from a torrid relationship, getting over a boy who is as fake as Orange Crush, or lamenting about a pair of teens in Orange County who lose their innocence too early, Rae's melodic voice has a subtle force, making it the only aspect of this band that isnt totally in-your-face. With Sean Meyer (guitar), Jason Gaviati (keys) and Andreas Brobjer (drums), STEFY unleashes a barrage of pop hooks and electric rock energy on their album and on stage. Rae credits her quirky, Bolivian grandmother who was also a singer, with inspiring her to pursue her dream. "My grandmother is a wild child," Rae said. "She isn't afraid of anything. I remember her singing live on the radio all the time in Bolivia. "She is also a very strong person," Rae continued. "She came from another country with seven kids not knowing where they were gonna live, not knowing the language. Just packed up her bags and left. Her free spirit and strength is what inspires me." Rae looked for that same sense of uniqueness in her band as well. Gaviati has performed with his own band and toured with Roc-A-Fella artist Samantha Ronson. Meyer was gigging whilst studying at Musicians Institute. Brobjer has gigged all around Europe. The trio brings an air of exuberance and fresh ideas to STEFY. STEFY's debut album reflects the band members' myriad of talents. Chelsea, the first single, is a strutting electro-stomp about a cold-as-ice woman who stole the singers boyfriend and then poured salt in the wound when "She called me while you were kissing / So I could hear what I was missing." On an album filled with danceable, pop tracks, STEFY shows their versatility on Orange County an emotional, narrative song about two teenagers who get pregnant, drop out of high school and have to get real jobs. "It's a where have all the good times gone song", Rae said of the track which highlights her vocals, featuring a sparse beat and melancholy keys. The lyrics question the things we think that we need for our American dream. "I like those realistic songs, Rae said. Kids screw up, we mess up, and everyones singing about the fairy tales and no one is singing about the truth. I feel that writing songs that draw from what I have seen and experience in my life makes our music easy to relate to." Opening with swirling synths, "Orange Crush" is an upbeat, playful track. A ride on the new wave, the song about a boy who is about as fake as the drink, "Orange Crush" is a hook-laden, dance track with lyrics like "you're flat and stale / I had to bail." Before their debut album had even hit stores yet, the producers of the Fox film John Tucker Must Die noticed STEFY's talent early on and hired them to pen a song for the upcoming movie starring Jesse Metcalfe, Ashanti and "One Tree Hill" actress Sophia Bush. STEFY's "Fool For Love," about "a dorky girl who becomes popular and gets the cool guy to like her," will be featured in both the film and the soundtrack, as will "Chelsea." As infectious as STEFY's songs are on their album, the band is twice as enthralling live. "When I'm on stage I want to give people a good show," Rae said. "I am inspired by artists like David Bowie and Prince - when they perform, they get into character - you wouldn't want to look anywhere else than right at the stage." "That's what I like to put into my shows," she added. "I roll around on the floor and just really go for it." The embodiment of grit, guts and natural allure, STEFY is poised to thrash onto the music scene. After years of charging towards her dreams, Rae has earned the right to embrace her band's fans, treating them to an album of electric pop gems. And if anyone dares to doubt her, Rae says their criticisms just provide fuel for her musical fire. "Dont tell me I cant do anything," she says. "I'll do it just to prove you wrong."
it sounds like music! everyone knows that! Dance!!!! =)))))))))

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Dec 01, 2015, 03:15am
She is hot like a volcano and is ready to burst out. You might feel the band has a striking similarity to one of the famous bands who were top in the box office a few years before with the similar 3 men and 1 girl gothic look. You know who right ?

::: beef sticks
Nov 15, 2015, 12:16pm
very tough guys, thanks for the post