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Beneath my skin, I'll always be the Demon, so you decide what you believe in.
Status: Cuddle weather and I have only my cat to keep me warm -.-*
Sex: female
Age: 30
Location: nearish LA, California, United States

Member since: January 02, 2007
Account: Free Account
Orientation: Pansexual
Status: VF Addict
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Occupation: Caught in my Spyder's web ^_~
Latest Journal Entry: My apologizes, Darlings...   July 11, 2015, 09:45pm
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*****I'm more approachable than I might seem, but I'm a bit shy. I like to rate a ten silently because I often don't know what to say without sounding like a cliche ^_^()*****
My photographer was ShadeByTheMoonlight known as Foto by Coco as well as some from Euphoria Imaging Inc. (can be found on Facebook if interested). I'm really interested in making friends here. So I DO read profiles of those I talk to and rate. I'm not interested in an online relationship; I have a flirtive way of talking at times, so please don't "read between the lines." I'm also not here to "out-goth" anyone, but I like when people dress like they are, why hide it? Go ahead and be whatever you feel comfortable being. I feel I'm pretty open minded, and I like to think of myself as mostly nonjudgmental. I'll respect you, if you respect me. This also means I'm not your fetish. In my opinion, we should all respect other's beliefs, and I feel discussing them in a mature manner is awesome. I have my own beliefs and opinions, but that doesn't mean I am going to push them on others, and can't hear what other's think. I'm vegan for a few years now, but for personal and health reasons, so don't worry that I'm going to get preachy about it. I don't like to be told what to do, especially by guys, and most especially if it is some sexual act. When I was younger I wanted to be a Muse, so...I'm hoping to do some goth modeling to maybe make a few bucks and because it thrills the hell into me to be seen. So any tips on modeling/photography thrown my way would bring me much joy. I have been to college to major in the psychology field but have since found it's not the profession for me. I am still intensely interested in the field, however, and do want to pursue being a sexologist. That is not an open invitation to cyber, but I do like to discuss sex and sexuality, like adults. All the arts are really important and special to me even though I personally lack talent in most of them. I am especially fond and interested in writing/poetry, photography, drawing and music. I feel I am very imaginative and creative, and love to talk to people that feel that way too. I fully support all homosexual, transexual, and transvestic rights, strongly. And I rate back what you rate me, it is only polite after all.

Clothe thyself in Darkness and become One with the Night! ^_~
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Being called cute...to me it's creepy, being asked "What's up? / Sup? / Wazzup?" or any variation of the phrase, when someone wears a corset "wrong" or assumes they are in someway harmful, Ignorant people, close mindedness, most reality TV, the color pink, the color and metal yellow gold, the feel of chalk, or the sound of it on a chalk board, Hot Topic, those that believe only their religion is "right," Dani Filth, white grease paint, clowns, juggalos that think they are Goth (not really Juggalos themselves), all Dubstep I have heard so far, the OC, The Twilight series and especially Stephenie Meyer! most higher levels of Math, dominant males who don't understand not everyone is submissive, guys with grizzly facial hair, "saggers" of any kind-if I can see the waist band of your man undies it's a big NO, mini Coopers, the emo/scene craze, bigots, racists, and traditional gender roles, people who try to use VF as a dating/sex service, WHEN PEOPLE ADD ME TO FRIENDS WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A RATE OR CHAT!!!...when people say that they rated you in a comment, but did not
Favorite Music
The 69 Eyes, AFI, APC, MSI, The Birthday Massacre, Christian Death, Imperative Reaction, Mankind Is Obsolete, KMFDM, NIN, Godsmack, Voltaire, Zombie Girl, Type O Negative, Tool, Android Lust, Ayria, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Omnia, Evanescence(older stuff), The Cruxshadows, Depeche Mode, Ozone, Angelspit, The Cure, VNV Nation, CombiChrist, Creature Feature, Emilie Autumn, Garbage, Grendel, Suicide Commandos, Noisuf-X, Hocico, Poe, Suicidal Tendencies, Bella Morte, London After Midnight, Bauhaus just to name a few.
I'm really into Industrial and similar sounds right now, but will never turn my back on the 80's or 90's Rock and Goth's roots.
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