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"Death is only the beginning."-Skelanimals
Status: One of those moments where i want to die and let every bit of life fade away... [View Updates]
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Chains? jinxy-girl, shes 2 years old and my fuzzy baby. :) riddles: "mom what are you doing?" look. my cats jinx and riddlle :3 Riddle Thoughts of my Prince brings smiles to my face. :) look into my eyes what do you see?
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Sex: female
Age: 21
Location: Your Basement., California, United States
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Engaged
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Occupation: Nanny
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My name is Bells, I am 19 and engaged. I love my family, pets and life. I am crazy, goofy, though serious when I need to be. I am a college student and have a VERY busy lifestyle. I love the darker things of life; skulls, mice, crows, ravens, snakes and even spiders. Though I love things every girl does; kittens, puppys, kids, and random ADORABLE THINGS! I am a very loyal girl, so please don't ask to go on cam so you can have some fun or pictures. I am a product of who I am, rebellions and stubbornness to be my own person. So, want to get to know me? Feel free to message me.
Music; Bullet for My Valentine, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Omega lithium, Bob Marly, Ozzy, Nickleback, DDR, Micheal Barnes, Deathlok, Korn, Deftones. This is just some of my music, the list goes on forever! But my motto when it comes down to music, is the louder the better!
There isn't many things that I loathe but here is a small list; Cockiness, Lairs, Fakes, girls with WAY too much muscle, greasy foods, Ant eaters(Dont know why, just don't like them.).
The things I love are in many here is a list; Music, Family, Children, Old Couples, Horror movies, Comedy Movies, Kid Movies, Animals, Comics, Video Games, Working Out, Art, Abstract things.
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