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Sex: male
Age: 26
Location: United States

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Orientation: Straight
Status: Single and not looking
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I'm not sure why I'm doing this when from what I remember in 2006 that people hardly ever read profile information. I'm doing this from mobile so, don't let my efforts go in vain. First of all, I guess I should say first that I'm not new here. I've actually been around since 2005 or 2006. My account was deleted due to inactivity. I couldn't get online for two years or so as life was very difficult and still is. I recreated that same account and had to start all over, friends and everything. I was unmotivated to write anything at all about myself due to the fact that I had no energy to do so. I'm surprised that I do even now. Anyway.. I see that VF has changed a bit over the years, for the best or worst. Now, that that's out of the way.. onto the things about me. -------------------------------- I'm going to let you know now, I've never EVER fit in with anyone, not even friends. I was always different. I barely had friends because of that fact. Honestly though, it was better that way. I could never stand being around too many people. It'd make me tense up, get anxious, think a lot more than I usually do and just give the wrong. impression. But, there's much more going on inside that not many people know about.. not even my own family or friends know. Very few get the chance to know of those things and that is because I have a very bad trust issue. I find it extremely hard to trust anyone in this world because people and society just suck bad. Therefore: meeting new people is actually pretty difficult for me. So, I apoloigize if I seem awkward or stressed, tensed, annoyed or whatever else. I'm just going through a lot and I'm really trying my best to survive. Though all of this is trying to bring me down, a certain someone on here I consider my best friend, one I once knew in real life, has been trying to get me to push through it all and has been wanting me to make new friends.. I'm going to try. That's why I came back here. I trust him with my life, we see things similarly and are alike in many ways.. For one, we both have ADHD, are trying to make ”books” or stories, we are both gamers. We both take interest in the unknown portions of life or existence.. things outside of our planet, or things people refuse to believe in, due to fear or misunderstanding or maybe even due to lies society or government have made.. such as the paranormal.. ghosts/spirits, vampires, werewolves and more.. We're also artists so.. the two of us get along very well. Now, there are things that may differ.. but, this is suppose to be about me, so, let's talk about my other interests. +++++++Likes+++++++ Japan: I LOVE everything about Japanese culture and so on.. meaning, I love Japanese anime, manga, the language, music, fashion etcetcetc. I like practically any anime out there that's well done in art or style, with characters that have well thought personalities and more. Story is a must most of the time. ------------------------------------ Music: I like lots of different types of music.. besides rap.. Unless it's really good. I mostly listen to the Japanese side of music. But, I listen to anything that sounds good to me.. I just really love Japanese music. I can't tell you any favorites unfortunately, since I like a lot. Now that I got that out of the way, I also seemed to take a liking of learning to play music. Not playing other peoples music but, more making my own. I also took a liking to singing, though I think I suck extremely bad. ------------------------------------------ Videogames: Anything Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Phantasy Star, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Soul Calibur, Dead Or Alive, Sonic The Hedgehog, Metal Gear, Legend of Zelda and more.. I don't like sports games though. ---------------------------------------- Anime: TOO MANY TO LIST! ---------------------------------------- Random stuff: I've been told I was a good voice actor, not sure about that though. Cosplaying would be awesome to do, I'd definitely do it if I had money, materials, props and things.
I really dislike close or narrowminded people.. I especially dislike those that're judgemental, racist, theives, hypocrits, selfish, greedy, expectant or blind at the way the world is these days.. I also dislike people that hurt other people, especially for being different.. I also dislike people that hurt animals or destroy nature. Drugs are another thing I dislike.. along with alcohol and cigarettes or anything related.
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AKFG,Hizaki Grace Project, Deluhi, Dragon Guardian, Abingdon Boys School. UnsraW, ScReW, Phantasmagoria, Exist Trace, High and Might Color, Maximum The Hormone, 10-FEET, BACK-ON, -Oz-, Linkin Park, Sum 41 and a lot more. Mainly Japanese music.
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Oct 24, 2015, 10:00am
Hi there! Not sure why I didn't see this yesterday. Sorry. I slept 10 hours last night for the first time in ages so I am actually good to go. Gonna try to get yardwork done before the raindrops. Dang sqirrels aren't picking up enough black walnuts. Must be expecting a warm winter. I hope you are good?