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When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box-Italian Proverb
Status: hmm, haven't been on in ages
Sex: male
Age: 26
Location: South Carolina, United States

Member since: January 24, 2010
Account: Free Account
Orientation: Straight
Status: In a relationship
Partner in crime with: deliratio_solitudo
Occupation: Sc Aquarium Exhibit Guide, Volunteer Library, S.A TJ Maxx
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If your really into labels I'd have to say I'm your typical Bookaholic (I don't have a problem I can quit when I want which is never lol), Casual Otaku (Yes I know what the title means)or casual gamer. Anyway I'm loyal, have a sense of Honor, Charm and actually respect women as women unlike most guys. But, I can't keep a conversation going to save my life despite enjoying meeting new people. I suppose because my life is too routine than most people that I have very few things to talk about.....and now I'm just rambling. Also got the Kanji for Warrior tattooed on my right arm. Down the line I hope I can get more its just each time I have the amount a limited edition of game or dvd collection is dropped in front of me and you know what happens next. Honest truth I prefer being a "goodie goodie" its too much work being a badass in my opinion. I enjoy being a slacker who knows how to keep things interesting regardless of the scenery. If love were easy there would be very few R&B songs I enjoy. I just don't know anymore maybe I am too, "Old School." And if that isn't exciting or daring enough for you I kindly suggest you stop reading. After all that's happened I dust myself off and keep going. The world stops for no one. One thing I would like is to meet someone who enjoys Reading, Video games, anime and Comics as much as I do. Or has a wicked nice talent (Chainsaw juggling would be neat but not required lol) Despite all that I prefer a person to be themselves. Its easy to be someone else but its a lot harder for most to just be themselves. Life is to short to get caught up in what people think of you. If your happy with yourself then be happy if not change you do have that option. You know most people tend to want to be in a relationship just to say they are. Me in all honesty I just miss having someone to talk to till the crack of dawn. Anyway right now I currently volunteer at the Sc Aquarium until this job crisis in the world ends. 2012 I managed to get a job at T.J. Maxx as a Merchandise Associate. Its not much but hey it pays the bills and that's all that matters for the moment. Don't get me wrong can't wait to get work I actually enjoy. You know since I returned to my city I'm surprised I've made it this far. I mean expected to still be struggling but things are good. Got a roof over my head, good books to read a few games old school and new to play, and have met plenty of like minded people. Life continues to excite me. Haha people have been saying I've been giving off a Zen like vibe since I returned. Still got a long way to go to reach a life of stability but I can do it. May not find the greatest jobs but their decent and offer good pay. Remember volunteering is key. I'm serious calm, cool, an introvert,and more of the strong silent type so don't expect to much out of me. But If you want to talk that's cool. Though my day consists of job hunting and reading at night rinse and repeat. As my grandfather taught me stand strong even if your alone. I'm just a simple guy who enjoys a nice cup of Earl Gray tea, looking out at the water when I'm in downtown Charleston, thinking about starting metal detecting as a hobby, sitting around like an old detective over a cup of coffee,and reading. It took time and a lot of experience but I realized I just want a regular life filled with a little adventure. This day and age I've met tons of people who still don't know what profession they want to go into but for me its always been simple. I just want to be a Librarian. 1. hard for them to fire you at the county, 2. paid sick days 3. I'd get off on time and 4. Wouldn't have to buy so much books. Overall one phrase to describe me is, "I'm just one "Hell" of a Gentlemen." If you want to know more ask away. Almost forgot PSN Id FortitudeX add me for horror filled adventure and whitty banter. Aku Soku Zan Pictures, Images and Photos Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Posers, stress, overly obsessive fanboys, rudeness and arrogance for no reason, people who lack a sense of honor, Sunlight, those who disrespect others beliefs or life styles, Racists because their too stupid and lazy to come up with a real reason to hate someone. Cheaters, and complainers. Alright to complain once in awhile because your human.But its life bloody deal with it your going to get your teeth kicked out once in awhile. The question is will you fight back? Most of all I hate narrow minded people. Broaden your views of the world. more places than just America. Learn a little more about other cultures.Women who play with men hearts. Been through that and it scars a guy for life, Customers who don't understand that there are no more products in the back area, the phrase, "It just happened.", when it feels like an hour passed by when its only been ten minutes. Last but not least being stuck in a place for hours without anything to read. Last women and guys who don't give other people a chance when it comes to dating and relationships who knows you maybe surprised. The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to Purgatory!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repending Believers)High
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Moderate
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)High
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Moderate
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)Low
Level 8 - The Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

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Favorite Genres:Classical, Industrial, Latin, Bossa Nova, RnB, Nujabes, Jazz, Acid jazz, Jazz Fusion,Video Game, Techno, Gothic Rock, Power metal, J-rock, J-pop, Nujabes, Instrumental, Underground, Swing and Throwback Jamz Favorite Groups: Apocalyptica, Malice Mizer, Emillie Autumn, Creature Feature, Voltaire, Lords of Acid, Earth, Wind and Fire, MSI, Ramstien, Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Handel, Blazo, Ayur, Marcus D, Nomak, Kondor,Cradle of Filth, Common, Kanye west before he changed, Slum Village, Musiq T.M. Revolution, Rookie's is Punk'd, Nico Touches the wall, Art School,Gotan Project, Royal Crown Revue, Utada Hikaru DJ Boyler, DJ Clark Nova, DJ Tiesto, Baracuda,The Gazette, O-Zone, DJ Voltaire, DJ Irene, Iced Earth, The Movits, Uverworld, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Yoshida Brothers,Crown Royal,Symphony X The Whispers, Lotus Juice, Uverworld, L Arc En Ciel, Parliament Funkadelic, Don Diablo, Shoji Meguro, Nobuo Uematsu, Art School, Porno Graffiti, Ocremix artists, Mac Jams Artist, Newgrounds Artists, Underground music, Spyro Gyra, Zelda Reorchestrated, Crush 40, GPKISM, Jurassic 5, Marko Polo and many more but you'll have to find out yourself.
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