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male, 29
Dallas , Texas
United States
unemployed and looking
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My name is Chris, I'm rather bored with the way my life has been going lately. It's mostly been a lot of "go to work, come home, muck around on the internet and get ready for the next day, sleep, lather, rinse, repeat". I'm looking for some new stuff to do for as long as I'm suck up here in Shreveport/Bossier. I'm also looking for some new friends here. My current group of friends doesn't really like to get out and do anything outside of World of Warcraft or our weekly LARP games.

One of my goals is to move to New Orleans, LA. I'm not quite sure what it is but that city just makes me feel alive no matter if I'm hanging out with friends or sitting on some strangers stoop watching the night go by.

I've been making a lot of changes in my life in the way I think, feel, and see. An example being that I've gone from being a church going Baptist to just a Christian that shuns the church due to all the bigotry and double standards. Just because my fellows don't seem to be able to practice what they preach doesn't mean I have to lose -my- faith.

I've always secretly liked the look of alternative culture but kept any desire to emulate it to myself due to my family's own views against it. While I don't feel it will go well when they find out, I've gotten the Industrial piercing that I've been wanting for years and years, I got a PA, my hair is currently blue, and I have two black light tattoos. I'm just trying to be more me than be more what other people want me to be. There are a few things holding me back, my social anxiety being the worst of it. Medication helps except I really suck at taking things daily. >.< As it is, I don't really know how to start a conversation or keep one going so I tend to rely a lot on current friends and the outgoingness of others to help me meet new people. It doesn't work so well. ^.^;

Anyway, that's all I have for now. I'll update this some more as I go over it again but feel free to message me, I'll do my best to respond.

 Peace Out,

Roleplaying Games (Table Top and Live Action)
I have a Necron army for Warhammer 40K under the old Codex. I really need to update them when I have the cash.
Love my XBox 360. My gamer tag is Nekkyo.
Final Fantasy games
Splinter Cell games
Horror Movies
I'm always up for some Magic: The Gathering, in person, on XBOX Live, whatever.
I'm into strategy board games and would love to find some people to play the ones I have with. I'll get around to listing them later.
Incense. Opium is my favorite followed by Om Nagchampa.

sport based video games


I have Cult invites turned off. If you think you really want me in your cult, then inbox me. I'll take a look. I'm just tired of deleting countless cult invites that don't interest me.

MSN Messenger Secesh4286@aol.com
AIM Messenger Secesh4286
Yahoo Messenger CDMartin4286

(don't try to email me at the AOL email address. the only thing i use it for is my MSN account. it never gets checked anymore.)

*UPDATE* I don't really use any of those anymore. I've got my Facebook page listed and CDMartin4286 is my most common screen name. I also use it for all my google accounts.

In the end, I'm just a gamer dude that likes vampires, a lot.